Why so few accept God's saving mercy


Why Are so Many Souls Damned?

Countless souls are dying. It is beyond one’s comprehension–devastating!

“Perdition [is] most easy, and salvation most difficult…they who find it being so few.” 

–St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church

Why is this?

Mankind loves doing good for others. Nations gather together to help each other out during times of tragedy. We love doing good. How can everyone be dying?

We–Christians–can’t save our souls because WE WON’T OBEY

“If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments” (Mathew 19:17). 

Oh, we will “say” we obey, but honestly, we don’t–not all of The Word. Much of it we don’t even try to obey.

Our will is so strong, we simply refuse to obey God who desires to save us. We prefer to believe we are saved by the good we do or the faith we believe we have…not through truly following Christ–by obeying Him–so to obtain a saving faith.

“[People] are made holy by “obedience to the truth” (1 Pet 1:22).” 

–Pope St. John Paul II

God Shows Us The Way But We Don’t Listen

God leaves Heaven, shows us The Way, even writes His Word down for us to follow, to guide us to Life, and we don’t listen! 

We prefer to “say” we believe with our words, but not with our actions–not all of them. Resulting in us still choosing to cling to many sins (not working to amend) and not God, rejecting saving mercy for our worthless offences. 

Tragically, our belief simply isn’t true.

 “Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves” (James 1:22).

We refuse to obey because:

  • Not properly being taught The Truth, or
  • Not humbly looking into our hearts to learn The Truth, or
  • Ignoring The Word all together and living how we wish, or
  • Desiring to live only part of The Word and ignoring the rest, or
  • Wanting to live The Word but we won’t put forth the effort to do so, or
  • Deciding breaking God’s law to benefit another or ourselves is good; then we forget God’s law, making our own law the new truth,or
  • Convincing ourselves we are living The Word, but we translate it into what we want it to mean not what truly means.

Few, very few, are truly seeking to obey God and follow Him to Life. We have been deceived into believing there are no consequences for the sins we commit.

“If you do evil [sin], be afraid…the servant of God [will come] to inflict wrath on the evildoer” (Romans 13:4).

Yet some will say, “I believe I will be damned if I don’t change,” but yet we don’t do what is necessary to amend our ways. But I tell you, if we REALLY believed, we would change…Oh, if we will change our lives and prepare for a threatening storm that we believe is approaching, but we won’t amend our ways for judgement that is fast approaching too, we prove clearly we don’t REALLY think our end is near, or we would run to God for mercy and amend.

We lack TRUE desire…from our lack of TRUE belief.

The extent that we follow the law of sin, we are still slaves.” –St. Augustine

Don’t Understand The Way

Many of the faithful might desire to obey all of God’s Word, but because we are still dead in sin since we don’t truly hate sin enough to want to leave it all, we don’t really understand The Way–not all of it. Because even if we were instructed incorrectly, God would enlighten us to The Truth if we really wanted to know.

It is only by gaining a true desire to leave all sin and banishing our habitual sins (way  of purgation), that we will even come to know (be illuminated) to The Way. 

Therefore, even if we think we want to obey or believe we do obey, most can’t interpret The Truth correctly enough to obey because we sadly still prefer darkness and unknowingly will change The Word so to not see our sins.

The daunting reality is, all it takes is to cling to one sin–refusing to see one sin/one attachment and not God, and we reject Life for that sin. 

“Neglect of God’s law [any command] brings inescapable punishment for the soul and that unquenchable fire.” 

–St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church

To our horror, we have unknowingly come up with a thousand ways to try to justify our sinfulness so to not see them and are dying.

God’s Mercy

But God, from His loving mercy, sees our great blindness, so He sends even more help…His saints (many of whom spoke with unveiled terms), through His Church, to teach us poor blind souls The Way. But from our pride, again, we still won’t obey.

Horribly, in our very blind state, we try to discern if what the saints say is true, as if we could have more wisdom than them. Then, from our great pride, we either manipulate their words or mis-intrepret them, like we do with The Word or we discern the saints as wrong and us, blind souls, as right. 

From there, we go on living as we wish, rejecting the truth God brought to us over and over again, for a life to stay in our sins…not even seeing God’s great gift of mercy that we are rejecting.

Yes, we refuse Eternal Life because we reject the truth of our great sinfulness and need for mercy and won’t surrender our will to obey so we can allow God to save us. We simply won’t amend our lives to be saved.

Don’t Think We Can See

The reality is, most don’t really want to see our sinfulness. Instead we are always looking for how we are right, not sinning and priding ourselves on our goodness and knowledge, rejecting God’s saving mercy rather than repenting and changing from the sins we do have.

Truly, we can’t repent and accept God’s forgiving saving mercy for what we refuse to even see; we are blind and in great need of help. Please don’t reject God’s help.

The blind can’t see. This is a fact. Therefore, if God has proven to us we are suffering from blindness, we need to stop thinking we can see…we can’t! And allow God’s guides–His saints–through their examples, writings and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (which was authored by the saints)–lead us to Heaven.

Please don’t read The Word and try to interpret it ourselves, we will get it wrong. Read the interpretation of the saints, who God has blessed with much knowledge and wisdom so we don’t go astray. To learn more please read, “Bible Study by the Saints.”

We must humble ourselves. We don’t know The Way.

To find the path of Life, we don’t need to understand why the saints say what they say, since from our illness, we can’t understand much anyway. We just need to obey. 

Then God’s saints will lead us to Eternal Life and we will finally loose our pride and begin to understand God’s Word correctly.

What Happens to the Missionaries?

If we become a missionary for Lifting Our Values and we go out to preach the truth–the Word and what the saints preach–for the salvation of souls, we will quickly see how some people reject the truth all together, while others will accept the truth (at least some of it) but only for a moment. Sadly, so few embrace the truth enough to truly seek to change, with a true desire to amend their entire lives.

Why? What is the problem? We might ponder is this reality as it is heart breaking? We can try and try to save souls, but they just won’t hear enough to do anything. There hearts aren’t being moved.

The problem of course comes from our pride and deep love for sin.

If someone corrects us, the first thing we do is think of how we didn’t do it or become offended. Some will go and reflect later on the correction, but the innitial negitive reaction to correction lets us clearly know we are still with much pride and pride is blinding.

When someone corrects us, if we wanted to see our sinfulness, we are happy for the correction, we will stop and look into ourselves to see if in fact the correction is valid. 

But for most of us, we don’t want our pride hurt so we become angered at someone daring to mention our failures or we do all we can to cover it or we allow our feeling to hurt, as if we can’t be seen as a sinner….then we dwell in self-pity. Honestly, we don’t want to know our sin. If we did our reactions would be much different.

Even if someone is preaching to a group about our sins and our need to change, most will think of someone else they see as a greater sinner committing that crime, instead of looking into themselves to see if in fact they are guilty too.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life [will know how to find Eternal Life]” (John 8:12)–