what makes someone a saint

learn what a heart of true love for god really does

What Makes Someone A Saint?

A saint is someone who died, has been raised to life and is living in Heaven.

A saint is someone, who allowed God to transform their heart into a heart of true love for Him (a heart that can accept God’s saving forgiving mercy) and then grew into an even greater love for God, which atoned for their life time of sins. This atonement can occur on earth or in purgatory…but a full atonement must occur for someone to become a saint (to go to Heaven).

The Catholic Church has certain requirements that need to be met for a person to be canonized (recognized) on earth as a saint. 

However, when the understanding of these requirements becomes confused–especially not truly understanding what is The Way to Heaven (what is true holiness)–there becomes a great problem with ensuring that true saints are being canonized…then we can mistakenly look towards emulating someone who never even made it to Heaven (is banished to Hell).

The Lie

Do we think we can become a saint if we are greatly deticated to our family, friends and God…if we become a really good person, who answers God’s call and helps others? If so, then we are confused as to what makes someone a saint. 

Oh, how many of us think because we are a really “good” person and have answered God call, perhaps feel His love and see Him doing great things through us, we are becoming saints or at least saved? Sure the saints and the saved answer are “good” people, who answered God’s call, pray many prayers and do great works for God, but that isn’t what makes them saints or even saved. Plenty of damned souls do that too. Please don’t be deceived.

So, what makes a saint different from a damned soul? Well, even though for most souls, the damned and the saved look vastly different on the outside, on the inside and in every way. Yet, for many of us, who are striving to become saints but on the wrong path, on the outside we could have a very similar appearance to those who are striving correctly for true sanctity, since there are in fact slight differences, which is what separates the sheep from the goats.

“He [Jesus] will separate them [God’s children] one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep [the saved] on his right and the goats [damned] on his left.” (Matthew 25:33-33).

What is the Difference?

So, what is a true saint vs. a false saint: someone wanting to be a saint but is on the wrong path? Many of us want to become saints and will encourage others to become saints. Oh, but how many of us are leading us correctly and are actually succeeding? Let’s learn where we are going wrong.

The lost and those being saved both pray and seek to do God’s will. Both do good works and go to church, confession, etc. God can even give the lost much knowledge, trust and even miracles coming from their hands, as they perform vast works for God, but from being deceived, they will not be on the path towards sanctity. 

So, where are the faithful going wrong?

You see, those being saved–those growing into true saints–do everything seeking to LOVE GOD. Where as the lost do everything seeking to love themselves through what they are deceived into believing is loving God, but in reality it is far from it, since they still haven’t learned how to truly love God. To learn more please read, “How to Perfectly Love God.”

NOT Becoming a Saint
Becoming a Saint
Prays: for selfish/self-serving reasons–The lost pray, not so they can receive more grace to better love God–but so God can love them. They cry out to God when they are in need so He can give them what they want…and remove their burdens, so they don’t have to suffer–carry the cross (for reason of self-love). They don’t seek God for grace to help them to stop offending Him, nor for strength to help them remove their pleasures of the world they still seek for happiness (their idols), nor for the ability to more perfectly save souls through carrying the cross (suffering/sacrificing) because they want to perfectly love God. But the lost pray so God can help them or others to have a better earthly life. (They are focused on themselves..not God)
For example: someone who is still lost prays for self-benefit: to feel God’s love, to get God’s mercy (help) with their problems in their life (remove their cross)… and for beginners in the faith, it is fine to motivate someone to seek Christ so to get His love. But someone can’t stay in this infancy in the faith and expect to be saved. Prayer must be focused on seeking Mercy so we can receive more grace so we can more perfectly GIVE love to God. Yet, the lost continue with this selfish praying throughout their lives, taking God’s love (since He allows the sun to shine on the sinner and the righteous alike) but they never grow into saints, since they have never learned how to sincerely desire to love God during their lives and were focused on getting love for themselves.
Prays: for selfless reasons–Those being saved/sanctified pray many prayers because they know of their great sinfulness and how they can’t do anything truly good without God’s grace moving their every moment.
They don’t pray so God can make their lives better nor to become a better person because their pride doesn’t like who they are (focused on self), but they pray so God’s grace can consume their every thought, word and action to help them lose their desire for sin so one day they can perfectly love God: stop offending God (focused on God).
They do this by focusing their prayers so to obtain grace to stop offending the One they seek to love (obtain knowledge of sins, strength to keep resolutions, desire to live for God’s will, etc.) as they work hard leave the world’s pleasures (so their eyes can desire God alone)… so they can find and carry more crosses to ease God’s pain (console God, atone for sin) for the salvation of souls (do all to love God).
They also pray for others so they can have the strength to amend their sins and to see God’s love (through His help He gives) and want to love Him (stop offending Him) in return so they may obtain a saving faith.
Their focus is on seeking God’s mercy to help themselves and others to one day perfectly love God (offend Him no more)…not for self-benefit, even though working hard to give love to God does save one’s soul.
Does Good Works: to boosts their pride–Those still lost are focused on works and the more the better. The lost want to do God’s will but they doesn’t realize they are really motivated by the pleasure it brings (self-love), since they do good for the complements, friends, feeling special, enjoyment of helping Christ in others, for the success, etc….and the works are no longer for God’s honor and glory, but their own. They don’t do the works with the focus of their works leading souls into a saving faith of true contrition for their sins (the goal Christ had, which is how we truly follow Him), desiring for God to use them to show His love for others, so to lead souls into obtaining true hatred for their sins for the salvation of their souls but just for the sake of helping more people. They have forgotten everything must be done for the conversion of the heart…so we can one day perfectly LOVE GOD (offend Him no more).
Does Good Works: to love how Christ loved–Those being saved/sanctified do works according to God’s will. They do the little things (their daily responsibilities)…not only the “big” works they enjoy but especially the miserable mundane work they hate (from love of the cross). They do the enjoyable or displeasureable works not so they can be successful, holy or seen as holy (pride/self-concern) but so that God can use their works to help others see His love so they can come to truly hate their sins and one day truly love God for the salvation of souls…works are not done with the main intention of making others happy or comfortable in life on earth, but every act of charity is done with the same intention as Christ did His works: with the goal of helping others to obtain a saving faith, so that soul can convert and one day be with Christ in Heaven.
Wants to give up everything to love and serve God: but with deceived hearts–Many of the lost feel a great love for God. But from their pride not being crushed, the great feelings they have in their hearts are misunderstood. Then they think they are truly loving God, since they have such feelings, when in fact they are still attached to many sins and worldly things, which is how we don’t love God…but love sin and the world. Now, from being deceived, they approach God in their prayers and works, thinking they are righteous from whatever sacrifices they have made, when all they do is actually still covered in sin (pride).
Wants to give us everything to love and serve God: with humble hearts— Those being saved and sanctified also have a great love for God burning within them. They want to surrender everything to love God, but they humbly know they haven’t and still cling to many sins and the world’s pleasures. So those being saved don’t feel they love God with a pure true love, since they know of their great sinfulness. From having this true humility, everything they do is to grow in faith to more perfectly love God (stop offending Him).

Sadly, many spend our time praying bounds of prayers begging God to give us everything we wish for ourselves an others with the hopes of making our lives better, thinking we are greatly faithful, but in fact ,we are greatly loving ourselves and not loving God.

“They serve me with the intention of gaining honor [friends and family to like them, success, power, talent, attention, praise, etc.] and worldly things… [they] shall never escape from the place of punishment and torment or get to see my face.” 

–Jesus to St Bridget of Sweden

Deception Around Every Corner

The reason we have such a hard time becoming saints is because we don’t know what a saint would really do since we are being constantly deceived.

I took a trip to Rome and was on a tour visiting St. Francis of Assisi’s tomb. The tour guide was supposed to be educating us about the life of St. Francis. However, I never heard such lies spoken about a saint. It was hard to withstand such stories and remain silent…stories that were created to JUSTIFY ONES OWN LIFE OF SIN. This happened because, how could anyone peacefully live a life opposed to the way the saints lived, since the saints way is the way to Heaven, unless we fabricate the saints lives to justify our own.

This tour guide even went so far as to say St. Francis’ last request before his death was for a friend of his to bake him his favorite cookies so he wouldn’t have to leave this world without enjoying them one more time. The horror! St. Francis rejected the pleasures of the world and lived for the cross. He was rejoicing in going to His Savior and couldn’t care less about cookies when he was dying.

Yet, these lies and ones just like these continue day after day…from saint to saint. Yes, the saints, who we should be seeking to follow to obtain Eternal Life, we don’t even know who they are or what they would really do from all of the lies.

I have read many books about the lives of the saints to my children. These books aren’t written by the saints themselves but by people, who mean well, but just don’t know The Way…and boy oh boy the things they say the saints did, said or wanted are far from the truth much of the time (what someone would say, do or want who really knows The Way to Heaven)…I have to edit what is written as I read it so my children won’t become confused as to The Way to Heaven.

Anyone who knows The Way simply wouldn’t have claimed the saints want all of the worldly things these authors embellish their stories with. Of course these authors weren’t with the saints during their lives witnessing exactly what was said, nor did they know why the saints did what they did, nor could they know the desires of the saints’ hearts, but to make a story interesting, they filled in the blanks with what sounded good to them. But yikes, how wrong it is.

So what are we to do…not read books written by anyone other than a saint?

Well, yes. If we haven’t learned The Way correctly, which takes time, then we can only expect to fall for much misguidance, misguidance that could lead us astray and to our doom. Please beware.

The other day I was listening to a homily about St. Benedict. And a priest, who wants to do good, but is lost in the devil’s trap since he loves the world, said Benedictine Monks are living a good moderate life and are allowed to drink beer and wine everyday…and that these monks have always made the best beers.

Perhaps this is true, but this priest didn’t inform us of this tragedy to enlighten us to the loss of the faith in these monks, who have fallen into the love of the world and now find self-indulgence as acceptable, so we can avoid such living and pray for them. No, he said this in a way to promote moderately loving the world (moderately seeking self-love/sin) insinuating that what these monks are doing is good. Tragic!

So how are we to know the truth, when many are preaching lies? Well, as far as St. Benedict is concerned, it easy to see what Benedictine monks should be doing. St. Benedict’s rules are written down and St. Benedict didn’t support drinking…he only permitted wine for the weak (sickly) if needed, or to the monks who saw it as necessary for ones health, since that was the belief during that time, even though St. Benedict himself didn’t feel it was necessary.

“Duly considering the infirmity of the weak we believe that half a pint [one cup] of wine per head per day suffices but let those to whom God gives the power of the endurance of abstinence know that they shall have their due reward. But if the necessities of the place, or the work, or the heat of the summer should call for more, let it stand within the discretion of the superior to grant more, he taking all care that neither surfeiting nor drunkenness creep in.

Although we read that wine is by no means for monks, yet because in our time monks cannot be persuaded to see this, at all events let us agree as to this, that we will not drink to satiety, but somewhat sparingly; because: ‘Wine makes even the wise to fall away [because they will seek pleasure instead of the cross].'”

–St. Benedict

It is mans’ love of the world’s pleasures that has ruined St. Benedict’s Rule and made it one of self-indulgence. “Oh, we could make sacramental wine for the churches”, one monk, with good intentions might have said, and before you know it, the evil one sneaks in. Now, booze is being produced, sold for profit and indulged in as an acceptable way of life. When the monks are supposed to be living a life of wonderful discipline, prayer and sacrifice so one can spend their time loving God for the salvation of souls.

I have yet to find a single religious order today that is actually lived according to the true rules of the saints who have established them. As far as I can tell, the devil has gotten into them all. Tragic!

God calls us to Him and we answer His call, which is great. That is the path God has chosen for us to obtain Heaven. But most never grow into true love with Him and are never even saved from following a deceived path.

Oh, what good is spending our day in prayer, if our hearts still crave the world? What kind of love for God do we have? To learn more please read, “How to Perfectly Love God.”

But to know what the true saints did to obtain eternal life all we need to do is read their books, wanting to know where we are going wrong, not wanting to justify our life of sin (misinterpret what they say, trying to prove ourselves right, so we don’t have to change), but looking for how we need to change and emulate them according to God’s will.

Yet, we must know mis-guidance isn’t only found in the wrongful preaching. It is also found in false translations of the saints works and in editor’s comments of their books, and may other places, so please beware.

Oh, it is hard to come to know the truth, our sinfulness gets in the way and destroys it.

What is Missing?

The difference in between someone walking towards the path of Life and sanctity correctly and one who isn’t even trying, is found in one missing ingredient “fear of the Lord.” If we don’t have fear of the Lord (and a good amount of it)–fearing to sin against God (because we don’t want to suffer in Hell and/or because we can’t bear to offend God whom we desire to perfectly love), we can’t ever become a true saint or even saved. The more fear we have the greater chance we have to seek to love God correctly at all moments and accept His saving forgiving mercy for eternal life and sanctity.

Yet, this is what most of the world is greatly missing–fear of the Lord. To learn more please read “What is Fear of the Lord.”

The world is scared to preach it. The devil has caught our tongues, so we won’t teach the people what is really needed to be saved, and scores of souls are dying. God help us!

How Do Saints Love God?

Someone who is a saint or truly desires to become a saint can’t bear to see God suffer. It brings their heart unfathomable pain.

But how does God suffer, we might ask? God suffers because of our malice (our sins).  It is our sins and our sins alone that cause God great agony. Our sins not only directly cause God’s Sacred Heart of Love unfathomable pain, each sin also caused Our Lord fantastic suffering while He was on Earth and during His crucifixion. Yes, our sins is what hurt God.

Therefore, since a saint can’t stand to see God suffer, they spend there every moment trying to grow in greater hatred for their sins, to console God and to remove at least some of His suffering by working to stop their and other’s sins. But how does a saint do that?

Well, first they try to see to it that they aren’t the ones causing God the horrendous pain…so they seek His mercy to remove all their desire for sin, so they can truly desire to love Him and not habitually choose to inflict injury upon the One they want to perfectly love. 

Then as their sins are leaving, as they are striving for perfection, they do whatever works/job God has planned for them in their life to help stop others from sinning, or should I say stop others from desiring to sin, for the salvation of His children, because the loss of one soul into the eternal fire, causes unspeakable pain for Our Lord. And the saints want to do all they can to prevent this.

To do this, the saints


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