What is God's will for me

God has a perfect plan for our lives - lets learn what it is

God’s will is everything He desires for us to do so we can grow into a saving faith. God’s will is His most perfect plan that He made for each one of us (what is best for us), which is specifically and uniquely designed, so we can obtain a wonderful life of peace and most importantly, for the salvation of our souls.

When we stop thinking we know what is best for ourselves, but trust in God and follow God’s will correctly, we will looses everything in our lives that was causing despair and live in great peace, especially during our crosses, and we be losing our desire for sin and walking towards a saving faith, as we grow into becoming just like Jesus, the One we should be following.

Most of us know God has a wonderful plan for our lives plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). He wants us to have real hopes for Eternal Life and to live in great joy; that is obtained by following how He wants us life, so we can grow in faith to obtain the goal–the crown of Life.

Some people ask, “How can I know God’s will for my life?” And that is a good question. 

God’s will can be hard to discern at times, but with the proper guidance, anyone can come to know what God’s perfect will is for their life and this article in intended to help you come to know what God’s will is for you.

What is God’s Will

The problem for many of us is, we want to follow God’s will, but we just don’t know what it is, so many of us wind up taking a wrong path living a life opposed to God’s will and end up in despair and even losing salvation. But we don’t have to stay on the wrong path, we can find the path of Life God has planned for us and allow God to take our hand and guide us along the way of peace to Eternal Life. Let’s learn how to do just that.

God’s Will is Dynamic

God has a specific will for literally every moment of our life, no moments should be given to the world or sin directed by our or the devil’s will. So the goal for us is to learn how to find and live constantly for God’s will. And this web site is here to help. 

Many make the mistake and only think of God’s will as doing the “works” we believe God wants us to do. And that is important. However, God’s will isn’t just doing some special work for God. God’s will is MUCH more than we might imagine. He wants us to let go of all we, sinful being desire, (every thought, word and deed), and allow God’s grace to move us, so He can lead us through our thoughts, words and deeds, to Life. 

He is our parent, who perfectly love us. We, who are great sinners, know nothing compared to the Almighty God. Frankly, all we desire is that of self-love. Yes, until we allow God to move us, we simply can’t do anything that is truly good. Therefore, all God wants of us and allows is what is truly best for our souls. This we must believe and trust. I can’t express this enough, as we can’t come to understand the depts of God’s will for our lives, if we don’t.

God wills us to:

  1. live to serve Him–to do whatever task, job, or work He calls us to do;
  2. live to do what He wants at all moments–to let go of what we want in every thought, word or deed, and think, speak and do what God wills;
  3. live to trust in what He allows–suffering and all–as ultimately leading to our good–to have no despair with anything that occurs in our life knowing all that is allowed is God’s will, who intends to use it to lead us, who believe, to greater faith, peace and Eternal Life;
  4. live to learn from Him–to learn from all moments so God can lead us to grow into the image of Jesus by growing in our prayers, works, sacrifices, self-knowledge, contrition and come to know the next step in His will–His plan–for us to grow in faith so to know, love and serve Him well;
  5. live according to His priorities–to do everything in its proper order, never procrastinating or doing what we like first leaving the undesirable work later or never doing it, and only doing all according to God’s plan, which is the perfect plan for success;
  6. live to obey His Word–to make are top goal to stop sinning, and do what Jesus would do at all times so to grow in holiness and love of God;
  7. live to make right our wrongs–to atone for our sins the best we can and console God for all of the atrocities committed against His Sacred Heart of Love;
  8. live to desire Him alone–seek to love God with all of our heart and remove all attachments to everything we go to for happiness and long for that isn’t God alone;
  9. live to pick up our crosses–to never complaining or worry about the suffering/burdens God allows us to bear, knowing God desire to send much grace, through the cross, if we unite with Him in His sufferings for the salvation of souls.
  10. live for the cross and the salvation of souls–to seek to want nothing but to fulfill God’s will by following Christ, which is done by intentionally suffering and sacrificing pleasure for the cross for the salvation of souls like Christ did for us.

But before we can even begin to take the first step to do this, we must know, that God wills all of us, no matter who we are or what walk of life we live in, no matter how far we are from following Him and His will for us, to be in great peace on earth and to obtain eternal bliss with Him in Heaven. That is the fulfillment of God’s plan…if we follow it.

We aren’t called to go out and make a big impact upon the world as we seek to do the greatest works, as some have been deceived into believing. No, we are called to do God’s will whatever that may be. For some it is little things and for other it is great things, but no matter what God will is for us, it is the perfect plan for our life of happiness and the salvation of our soul.

No matter how well we have followed Christ or not, God is still calling and calling us each day to more correctly follow His fantastic plan towards Heaven. Sadly, “few” as the Word says follow Him and their lives are lost. God is devastated. He wants to save us and to lead us to a life of peace, which is done by living for the above goals. But He won’t force us to follow Him, we must make the choice on our own. He will give us much grace to inspire us and strength to reject the world for Him, but we must choose Him.

But please understand, just because God desires the same outcome for all of our lives–which is peace and salvation–it doesn’t mean we will all go about obtaining this goal the same. God has a very special and unique plan for each of us in order for us to get there.

God desires to use our very special and unique talents, which He gave us, so we can live our life doing what really matters–His will, which is the only thing that is truly good–which is living for His will alone.

This will of God’s involves EVERY MOMENT of our lives…even our “free time.” Yes, God has a will for us to be living at all moments of our life; we just need to learn what that 


Great Peace From Finding and Living God’s Will

Some people are very blessed and after striving to find and live God’s will, they have finally discovered His perfect plan for every moment in their lives. They surrendered their will and now live for God’s will alone. No longer are they living on the wrong path still looking for their purpose in life, striving for happiness with everything but God. Wonderfully they fond the path to a life of peace and eternal bliss that God promises because they sought to love and obey Him. And God rewarded them with fantastic peace…even in suffering. Lest make this our goal too.

“For [by] obedience [to God’s will]…may grace and peace be yours in abundance” (1 Peter 1:2).

Live to Serve Him

Most people read this article looking to figure out what God wants them to do with their life or looking for help with making a certain decision. Perhaps we are looking for that specific job or charity work which God has called each of us to do, which is good. But if we seek to really serve God and do His will, His plan is so much more. Therefore, if we truly want God to lead us to Eternal Life, we need to follow ALL of God’s will…not pick God for some of it and our sinful will for the rest. We need relent our will of His and seek to do what God wants of us at all moments. That is The Way.

“Holiness consists simply in doing God’s will, and being just what God wants us to be.”

–St. Therese of Lisieux

Sure, God calls each of us to a certain vocation: a priest, nun, doctor, homeless helper, homemaker, teacher of the blind, shelter for the abused, caretaker for the sick, repair man for the needy, teacher of the faith, motivator of prayer, missionary worker, etc. and that is how He wants to use us for His great plan for the salvation of souls and we need to learn how to discern what that is…but if we really want to serve God and live for His will, for the salvation of our and other’s souls, we must learn how to do the rest of the above listed things too.

“May the God of peace, who brought up from the dead the great shepherd of the sheep by the blood of the eternal covenant, Jesus our Lord, furnish you with all that is good, that you may do his will. May he carry out in you what is pleasing to him through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever [and ever]. Amen.” (Hebrews 13:20-21)

“You give Me most glory by patiently submitting to My will, and you win for yourself greater merit than that which any fast or mortification could ever gain for you” –Jesus to St. Faustina


“There are many Christians in our day who have certain virtues [qualities of goodness],  and who do great things, but all of no use to them in the matter of everlasting life, merely because they do not keep in view the honour and glory of God alone, but rather the empty satisfaction of their own will.” –St. John Vianney

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