How to Save the soul of someone dying

Learn the 10 things we can do to save someone's soul

We Must Save Souls

The greatest, most important time in our life is the hour of our death. If we can’t obtain a saving faith, not just saying “Jesus is Lord” with our words, but grow “mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28)–into a true mature saving faith of true love and true sorrow for ALL of our sins–“[to] attain the goal of [your] faith, the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1:1)–at least, at the moment of our death, our eternity will be spent in eternal torture, “where ‘their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched’” (Mark 9:48).

Can we even get a grasp on that reality? It is hard to even fathom such a thought. If we could, we wouldn’t ever stop preparing for our death…like the saints. In this article, I have a list of the many things we can do to help souls obtain the grace they desperately need to move from some faith into a mature saving faith in Christ.

As the wisdom of the saints warn us:

“[Only] those who have grown to maturity [into a saving faith] in the grace of God will find the joy of adopted children in the kingdom of heaven; those who have not grown to maturity [haven’t reached a saving faith] will become God’s enemies and, even though they were once his children [from baptism], they will be punished according to their deeds for all eternity.”

–St. Andrew Kim Taegon

Truly, “the righteous one is barely saved” (1 Peter 4:18). Yes, the “road is hard that leads to Life” (Matthew 7:14). 

But devil has confused most of us with the presumption of salvation, convincing us if we just “say” we believe, that is enough faith to obtain Eternal Life. But tragically, most reject God’s perfect forgiving mercy from still desiring some sin over His love

We can’t love sin, any sin, over God or we reject Him. Sadly, for most, our belief simply isn’t true. We might have some faith in Jesus but not enough to TRULY hate our offences against Him.

If we honestly looked into our lives, we would see how we desire many sins (don’t hate them), as our constant habitual sins prove. If we truly hated them, we would run to God for His transforming grace to help us remove all of our liking for them. But we don’t. We hardly do anything to stop sinning. Sadly, we live life complacent with many many of our sins (lacking true sorrow for them)…rejecting God’s saving mercy.

“Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14).

Horribly as St. Augustine says, ‘very few Christians are saved.’ To learn what the wisdom of the saints teach is needed for salvation, please read the home page article on this web site.

Even though it is hard to grow in so much faith at our last hour, it isn’t impossible. Therefore, to help us obtain a saving faith quickly, below you will find a list of the 10 things we need to do to help us obtain this faith at the hour of our death.

We Need Much Grace from God

But before we move to the list, we need to understand how much of God’s grace we need to completely rid our great desire for sin and just how hard it is to obtain, if we want to choose Eternal Life over sin. It is a lot! Please don’t be deceived; eternity is forever! 

St. Paul warns for its challenges by saying, “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12), but few are truly blessed with comprehending this truth enough to strive with all of our ability to obtain God’s grace so we can grow to hate each and every sin enough to where we would rather suffer anything, even death, than offend Our Beloved Lord (truly love of God and true hatred for sin). Tragically, we still prefer to sin. 

Most lack a saving faith since we lack TRUE contrition (True sorrow) for our sins because we aren’t truly striving daily to amend our offences against Our Lord, but yet we have been deceived into thinking mercy will forgive us, when we aren’t even truly sorry for them. Oh, how can we be truly sorry for what we aren’t even working to stop. We can’t. How can we be forgiven?

Jesus warns us of the difficulty we have with gaining a saving faith, as He says, "many, I tell you, will attempt to enter [Heaven] but will not be strong enough [for we lack a saving faith]" (Luke 13:23-24).

If we don’t accept Our Savior’s helping grace into our lives to grow from some faith in Christ into a mature faith that truly loves God and has true sorrow for every sin ever committed, no matter how many prayers we have prayed, sacrifices we have made or good works we have done, we reject God’s saving forgiving mercy at our death and choose eternal torment. 

We aren’t saved by what we do, but rather we are saved from what Christ has done. And we reject that free gift of perfect forgiveness if we lack true sorrow for any sin.

Truly the grace we received at our baptism from Jesus’ sacrifice, will be lost if we still lack sorrow for any sin–even the slightest sin–since not truly hating a single offence against Our Lord is abomination of love, it is a “deadly” sin (1 John 5:16), because of the infinite injury just one sin causes our infinitely perfect God.

We should be striving to become saints…real self sacrificing saints. But we aren’t. We are still living for the pleasures of the world not becoming like Christ, the one we are supposed to be following. 

Oh, we might have heard God somewhat in our lives, come to know His great love for us and began to pray and do good works, which is good, but tragically so few are seeking a saving faith…mostly because we don’t even know we need one.

If we can hear, we need to run to Our Savior to save us, to take away our desire for evil, one sin at a time, until we can desire Him alone and can be saved by Him. To learn more please read, “What Are Mortal Sins” and “What is True Sorrow?”

“Death hastens towards us more rapidly…At the time of our death how shall we wish for one day or one hour of the many we now squander away to no purpose!…Alas! come to my assistance [Lord]; let me not die ungrateful to Thee as I hitherto [until now] have been. Grant me true sorrow for my sins [a saving faith], the gift of Thy love and holy perseverance.”

–St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church

We must wake up and wake up others, especially those who are in the process of dying, to the great need for them to implore God’s mercy so we can grow into a saving faith of true love/true sorrow for every sin, so at the moment of our death, we can embrace God’s forgiving saving mercy and be saved. To learn more please read, “What are the Requirements of Salvation.”

“Perfect [True] Contrition is the last and only key to Heaven for sinners at the hour of death (be they Catholic or non-Catholic) who cannot have recourse to the keys of mercy [to obtain additional assistance to grow in contrition] entrusted by God to His priests in the Sacraments of Penance and Extreme Unction.”

–St. John Vienney

The saints all tell us it is very hard and sometimes it might seem impossible to be saved if we don’t spend our life working out our salvation with fear and trembling as The Word tells we must do. However, since the evil one is so cunning and so successful at getting us to live lukewarm lives, we are presuming we are saved, seeking to take advantage of mercy in stead of seeking to love God (not sin).  

“Oh, Hell! Oh, Hell!”…”If men only know what awaits them in eternity, they would do everything in their power to change their lives.”

–St. Jacinta of Fatima

It is true, “nobody can be ready for the next life unless he trains himself for it now” as St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church warns us. But even if we aren’t ready, there is still hope…sure the chances are much slimmer for someone to accept God’s helping and/or saving mercy at our death if we have not sought it and rejected it our entire life.

But God can take a soul, like the criminal, who was being crucified with Christ, who even mocked Christ moments earlier, and soften his heart into a heart of such true love and true sorrow so that his love for God can grow so quickly to even atone for all of his sins at the moment of death for the gift of Eternal Life. Wow! With God all things are possible.

Therefore, there is hope.

How to Quickly Gain a Saving Faith

To be saved at the moment of death, we must use all means possible to obtain God’s mercy so we can shoot up into maturity in the faith, especially if we haven’t done some growing during our life time on earth.

We can do this for ourselves if we are the one dying with just some faith, or we can do these things for another so God can use as a vessel, to send grace, to save their soul. These means of obtaining much grace quickly should be done for anyone, even for a person of seemingly great faith, since we can’t read our souls and only God knows if in fact we have a saving faith.

Wonderfully, God has provided us many means for us to advance in faith at our last hour, even if we have rejected them all throughout our life. He wants us saved. But His love does’t force us to accept His grace (help). We can become like the criminal next to Christ who heard God’s call or like the other criminal crucified with Christ, who stayed proud and heard nothing. Tragically for some there is just nothing more God can do and all will still be lost.

But God doesn’t want us to lose hope, therefore, no matter how horrible the situation my seem, we are to still seek His mercy. Perhaps it is our efforts to love that God has been waiting to use to save someone and it will be enough to soften their heart so they can embrace mercy and Live. This is how we do what Jesus really did…this is how we save souls like Christ.

10 things we can do to gain a saving faith at the last hour:

  1. Pray, pray and pray for the dying’s soul: don’t just have some thoughts of worry (that does nothing), but pray many many truly humble prayers, especially the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary, asking God to send grace to help move the dying into true love of God and true contrition for their sins, trusting in God’s will and mercy. To learn more please read, “How to Pray Humbly;”
  2. “My daughter, help Me to save souls. You will go to a dying sinner, and you will continue to recite the chaplet, and in this way you will obtain for him trust in My mercy [to forgive Him of his life time of grievous offences].” (Jesus to St. Faustina)

  3. Fast: don’t just not eat, but give up what we like to eat; deny ourselves of pleasure, like Jesus did and God will send grace for the souls we are sacrificing for and even ourselves;
  4. Sacrifice: we don’t only have to give up food to sacrifice, but we can give up anything we indulge in, anything of pleasure or comfort. We can also surrender what we “like” and choose the cross…like Christ did for us, for the salvation of souls. Our sacrifice can also be by means of offering up–united with Christ–whatever God allows: our own pain, works and sufferings –as we happily and trustingly accepting His will (our crosses)–knowing all God allows is so we can embrace His grace, learn, change and grow into a saving faith and then towards perfection so to send grace, like Christ did for us, to help save souls. This is most powerful. This is such a powerful tool of conversion, has provided for us “Sacrificial Beads of Love” stringed beads, like St. Therese of Lisieux used to help motive herself to sacrifice for the love of God and salvation of souls;
  5. Teach/Learn the Real Truth: oh, how many people, even when our loved one is dying, still won’t preach the real horrible truth, to help save them, since we don’t want them to be in despair or angry–what kind of love do we really have? People prefer to keep others in a blind peace and happy with them so they don’t have to deal with a possible confrontation. From our fear and self-love, the sick die and go without any real preparation or real hope for Eternal Life….what is more tragic than that! To learn more please read this entire web-site and especially the home page article;
  6. Contemplate Our Sinfulness: if we want to gain true sorrow for our sins so to accept God’s forgiving mercy, OUR PRIDE MUST BE CRUSHED. We need to stop thinking how great of a life we have lived and come to understand how very sinful we really are…not just with one very wrong choice we have made, but with all of our life.
    People don’t want to think of themselves as a misery, and when seeking to enlighten someone else to their sinfulness, so to crush their pride, don’t plan on them responding well. Even when we speak with a gentle, yet clear/direct truth, most still won’t hear at all or will be offended at our attempts to humble them. This is sadly normal…offer up any mistreatment received. Realize we don’t save souls to make friends; we do it to love God and save their lives. Our best friend is God…He is all we need.
    When we, with all love and honesty, speak the truth, please realize others might not want to hear, but they heard and God can use those words we said to eat away at their hearts to soften them…perhaps not right away, but hopefully before their death. However, speaking too much doesn’t tend to soften hearts, but mostly brings on prideful resentment and hardens hearts even more…so be careful to be moderiate and curt to enlighten, not to prove someone wrong…it isn’t our words that soften hearts but God’s grace working through them…less much of the time is more, especially if we are speaking directly to someone who can’t hear.
    To come to know our sinfulness; we need to remove our blinders and come to understand that God called us to a life of being a saint. We are “called to be saints” (1 Corinthians 1:2). But we failed in that call. To see our sinfulness we need to understand, when we were baptized, and received Jesus’ saving grace into us and heard God’s call…when He planted a seed in us and we called ourselves “Christians,” we were supposed to stop living life like everyone else and change. But not change just once for the better or just begin praying and doing some charity, but we were called to change into becoming a real perfect saint. Striving for anything else, no matter how much “good” we do or faithful we have become, is still someone living a lukewarm life.
    We must desire to become a perfect saint…and that desire must be enough of a desire which causes us to change our life daily to obtain that goal. By being pretty much the same person everyday doing the same things day in and day out is an abomination of love towards God; that proves we don’t really hate our sins enough to work hard to stop them. We are called to obtain God’s grace and change every day towards perfection. Not stay in our sinful ways, no matter how small they are.
    Yes, becoming a perfect saint should have been our life’s daily working goal. If it were, from having a true hatred of our sins or even some real hatred for our sins, we would have ran to God for grace (help) daily, made many resolutions and used that strength to amended our ways one sin after another growing towards perfection. If we correctly sought God to perfect us, we would have learned how to surrender our will and sins, then especially our habitual sins would be no more. We would truly trust in God and live in great peace.
    We would have grown in faith and would be living a life with no more worries or complaints–just trust and peace as we truly followed Christ to Heaven. But we didn’t. We are’t saints, nor were we really trying to become one. God sent His crosses and grace to us over and over again to help us in our lives innumerable times so we would see our need to change and see His love so we would want to stop offending Him by leaving our sins and our attachments to people, things and comforts–everything we go to to find happiness (anything that isn’t God) but we became deceived, rejected His grace and chose the world to fill up our hearts instead.
    We never honestly sought to achieve His goal nor truly loved Him, but spent our lives seeking happiness with everything else being deceived thinking we were righteousness because of our prayers and works. We were living what appeared to others as “holy” lives but in God’s eyes, we were far from it. Or perhaps we never even grew in any outward display of holiness and just struggled to exist missing God’s call all together. Oh, we have sinned!
    Lifting Our Values has a book, “How to Prepare for Death” that doesn’t hold anything back, and can provide greater help to move the dying soul into having great hatred of our sinful self, so to strip us of our deadly pride, take away our presumption of salvation/self-righteousness and build up the humility we simply must have to grow into a truly humble contrite heart that accepts forgiving mercy.
  7. Contemplate Christ’s Passion and God’s Mercy: despite how much of a failure we have been our entire lives, in not truly loving God or becoming one of His perfect saints, His love for us is so great, He desperately wants us saved. Even if we have rejected Him our entire lives, His arms are open waiting for us to choose Him before mercy leaves and judgement begins. But He won’t force us to choose Him. We must, with our own free will, let go of our will, admit our great failure to love and obtain true sorrow for not obeying Him. We must be willing to surrender it all–every sin and all the things and people in the world we sought for pleasure/happiness–and be truly resolved to give it all up to become a real follower of Christ, who truly hates every sin and all things/people that kept us from giving 100% of ourselves to loving God and everything that kept us from seeking Him as our everything/happiness, if God gave us another moment to live. Then, if we can honestly profess “You are my God. My happiness lies in you alone.” (Psalm 16:1) and if we could honestly rather suffer the most excruciating pain–even the “shedding [of] blood” (Hebrews 12:4) than fall back into our life of sin–and offend Our Beloved Lord–with true contrition for our failures–God most certainly would spare us from our eternal doom. Trust in Him!
  8. Stop Our Sins & Pick Up Our Cross: if we wish to save our soul or the soul of another, but we have neglected our own soul, by not truly working to follow Christ, since we haven’t spent our life removing sin after sin, growing in virtue (qualities of Christ) and carrying our cross, and now as a result we still habitually commit many sins, because we haven’t weened ourselves of our idol’s (what we go to for happiness that isn’t God) and chose to complain/run from our suffering, then we need to change (even if we only have a few hours to live) or at the least become truly resolved to change (if we are any moment going to die). If we want our prayers, works or anything to be truly effective, WE MUST CHANGE. We must, from the moment we really want to be saved or try to save another, begin to gain trust in God’s will (know everything He allows if or our good). Then look for your sins and begin to remove our sins and attachments and grow in grace from seeking a real hatred for sin. To learn more please read, “How to Stop Sinning.”
  9. Seek the Sacraments: To obtain the perfect contrition we need at the moment of death, Our Lord provides us great help–the greatest help–in His sacraments: Confession, Anointing of the Sick, and the Holy Eucharist (if someone is seeking a saving faith, has confessed and truly wants to sin no more). These are the last rights of the Church and are meant to move us into a saving faith. However, for these sacraments to really take its intended effect upon our souls, they must be administered correctly, but tragically most don’t receive them according to the catechism or the cannon law of the Church.To learn more please read, “Will Anointing of the Sick Forgive Mortal Sin?” Also, if God doesn’t want us to obtain His sacraments upon our death, as is His will sometimes, despite our greatest efforts to obtain them, trusting in His will delivers far greater grace…and saves. Frankly if we only truly understood what trusting in His will really meant, we would know that is how we are saved. To learn more please read, “What is God’s Will.”
  10. Seek the Prayers of the Faithful, the Saints and the Angels: The word says, The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful” (James 5:16) so if we are less than righteous, the truly faithful on earth and the saints and angels in Heaven are a great recourse to ask for effective prayers that send grace. They will pray and pray well for our souls if we ask them.
  11. Seek the Intersession from the Mother of God: This might be mentioned last, but it certainly isn’t because it is least. If there is any one person who can lead us to Christ and help soften our hearts, that is God’s Blessed Mother. She takes our miserable prayers riddled with sin, purifies them and submits them on our behalf to Her Son. All the graces of the world are dispensed through her most loving motherly hands. She will help in a big way, if we–through humility–truly want it.

These are the greatest means we have to move our souls into a saving faith, but from our pride we can still unknowingly refuse the help they send. Therefore please, don’t intentionally neglect a single one of them. Perhaps all of those combined efforts, if done well, can finally soften a hardened heart enough to let go of their sinful will and embrace God’s saving love for the most incredible gift of Eternal Life.

Even if we can only do one thing for a soul, if it is done with great love, the grace from that act might just be what they need to finally have ears that can hear and gain a contrition so great they embrace saving forgiving mercy and Live.

“If any sinner were so rooted in diabolical deeds that he was standing at the very brink of destruction [hell], he could still obtain forgiveness and mercy, if he called upon God with [true] contrition and a will to improve.”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden

Suffering At Death

God blesses some with great suffering during our last hour (and of course in our lives) to help purify our souls. We should never intentionally seek to remove this suffering. The devil will tempt us into thinking dying without pain is the way, but that isn’t the way the saints or Christ chose. Unless our cross is too big to carry, please don’t do it. We must seek God’s will.

Our suffering (cross) before our death is a fantastic gift to help save one’s soul. We tend to not want ourselves or our loved ones to suffer, but that is only because we don’t understand the fantastic gift in the cross and what a joy it really is for those being saved. 

“The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 Corinthians 1:18).

Trust the wisdom of the saints; if they had the strength to bear their cross, they never sought to remove their pain, nor allowed others to take it away, nor do anything to distract them from the gift God had given them.

Of course some will have such weak faith and others will be in such great pain, they can’t bear the cross without assistance–even Christ needed assistance when the cross became too much to bear. But bearing God’s cross is The Way to Christ and truly given to help save our souls.

If we help the dying understand the blessing in the cross, the dying can carry their cross with trust and receive the fantastic grace that goes with it.

“[St. John of the Cross] would not consent to any such devices [to remove suffering when he was covered head to toe in sores]; he would suffer thankfully as God willed it, and seek no means of relief till it pleased God Himself to send them.”

–Life of St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church

Mother of God’s Assistance

Many have been asking the Blessed Mother for assistance in sending us grace to help soften our hearts for the great hour of our death. “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death,” we cry out to the Blessed Virgin in Heaven for help, hopefully daily, to assist us in this hour of great importance.

Boy do we need her help! The Blessed Mother is most powerful and nurturing and if we truly make her our Mother, with a heart of real faith, not one of great pride, she will spare us from the fires of Hell. Yet, as powerful as the prayers from the Mother of God are, they are only accepted into our hearts if we don’t unknowingly reject them….as sadly so many do.

The Blessed Mother can try and try to save us, but if we continue to refuse the graces sent, we and anyone who rejects them will die too. Sadly many have been tricked into believing that having devotion to the Blessed Mother guarantees them Eternal Life, but that just isn’t so. There is no scapular, no combination of prayers, nothing that will save us but a saving faith…they can help us move into a saving faith, if our devotion is in fact true, but a saving faith we must have.

Thinking there is a get out of jail for free card is from the deception for the devil to keep us in our sinful ways…to keep us from working to sin no more…TO KEEP US FROM TRULY LOVING GOD so we keep our desire for sin and still reject God’s saving mercy for sin. If we are deceived, we will rely on the Mother of God or even Jesus, when we still delight in many sins and attachments, rejecting helping and saving mercy.

From our pride driven lack of contrition, most are sadly still rejecting much assistance from Her Inexpressible Love and won’t obtain enough grace to embrace saving mercy.

Our Lady even told us what we can do to help poor souls who don’t have a saving faith, but we simply don’t listen to her, as we are too busy enjoying the pleasures of this world, going from dinner to dinner, movie to show, entertainment to vacation…oh, we are so consumed with a million things in the world that we don’t want to give it up to save lives. We simply don’t want to save souls like Christ has done for us, because we have given our lives to the devil (the world).

“The whole world is under the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19).

Funeral Mass

The funeral Mass–Requiem Mass–is such a blessing for the dead, but most tragically so few benefit from it because much of the time, it isn’t being performed correctly.

There is so much confusion as to what this Mass is intended to do. This confusion has the poor souls, who have died, missing out on the grace that was meant to help save them.

The funeral Mass isn’t intended to console the grieving. The Mass isn’t really for the living, even though it could help console them.

The funeral Mass is truly for the dead…to send bounds of grace to help them, who can benefit from the grace, to assist in saving them (at their death) or to help move them from purgatory to Life.

However this grace isn’t sent, if we don’t offer the Mass for the dead correctly (seeking God’s mercy for the soul), and if we don’t move our (those attending the Mass) into great prayer for the deceased soul.

This is where the big problem with the Mass has occurred. The devil doesn’t want the power from the Mass to save souls, so he has tricked us presuming people’s salvation. But we can’t read anyone’s soul.

The Mass should never be preached and/or celebrated declaring someones sanctity (that they are in Heaven). That might make the loved ones feel good (with misguided love), but that does nothing for the dead. No matter how holy of a life we believe they have lived, the Mass isn’t the time for an eulogy either. Professing someone already in Heaven is the worst thing we can do for the dead.

The celebrant and people attending should desire to move each others hearts so greatly, to pray so ardently for the deceased–to truly love them/help save them–so they will desire to flood Heaven with prayers on their behalf, to send them the grace they may need for Eternal Life. This is what love really is.

Please don’t be deceived and rob a soul of the grace God wants to give them by declaring how wonderful they are, removing any desire to pour out great prayers for mercy for their salvation, denying them the grace God intended to use us to give them.

We can’t read our souls. What a horror for a soul to die (go to Hell) because we never prayed for them; we just assumed they were saints in Heaven, when in reality, they were far from it and needed our real love (heart felt prayers). 

Prepare For Death

“Woe to me, who, although I know that death is near at hand, yet think not of it!…My God, do Thou assist me to prepare for death…How many are now in hell who thought of amending their lives [sought to stop sinning as God has commended] at some future period, but were prevented by death and consigned to eternal torments!…Come to my assistance…Grant me true sorrow for my sins.”

–St. Alphonosus, Doctor of the Church

Know someone who is a saint?…don’t think you will be spared Hell from their faithful life of sacrificial love. No, that line of thinking will certainly damn us. We must repent and change and work hard at it daily.

We need to help others really understand what is a stake…ETERNITY with God in bliss or without Him in eternal torments? If we only understood how easy it is to reject God’s saving mercy, we wouldn’t stop surrendering our will for God’s…who wants to guide us into a saving faith, so we don’t cling to a single sin or attachment in the world. Truly, all we hope for will be gone “for those who refuse obedience to the gospel of God” (1 Peter 4:17).

We must understand if we refuse to obey the slightest command of God or refuse to stop one of the smallest sins or refuse to let go of one worldly pleasure we delight in or refuse to surrender our will for God’s, all is lost. Yes, not truly hating a venial sin makes it mortal. Oh, how easily it is to be deceived into thinking we are obeying and amending our ways when we still desire bounds of sins. That lack of true love for God and lack of true sorrow for our sins, rejects God’s gift of saving mercy.

No prayers, devotions or works saves us, just God’s mercy that is received to those with a humble contrite heart. Yet, with these realities before us, most have made no effort to prepare for their death since we are suffering from great blindness due to our pride.

“Pride makes us forgetful of our eternal interests. It causes us to neglect totally the care of our soul.”

–St. John Baptist de la Salle

It is our pride that has blinded us, removed our desire and has us presuming we are saved when we are still loving sin and attached to the world and some of its pleasures, not really loving and serving God nor truly working for the salvation of souls with all of our time. Some of the time we willingly give to evil, because we simply like it.

“Reflect and see the day of death is approaching…I beg you not to forget the Lord because of this world’s cares and preoccupations and not to turn away from His commandments.”

–St. Francis of Assisi

Our Lord is In Utter Anguish Over the Loss of Souls

Oh, what pain Our Lord suffered during the agony in the garden when He exclaimed, “My soul is sorrowful even to death” (Mark 14:34). If we only had a small glimpse of the extreme suffering He underwent and is still going in Heaven to His Sacred Heart of Love for Us–crying out for His children to choose Him–knowing that His incredible suffering on Calvary and His constant pining love for us in Heaven would be and still is in vain for so many, who wouldn’t work with all of their might for the salvation of souls? We must remove our pride so we can see and truly love God…beg God for the grace to do this.

We need to exclaim the truth like St. Paul, “I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God” (Galatians 5:21). We need to preach in a way that even the practically deaf can hear…we don’t want them to die? Do we? Truly there are real earthly and eternal consequences to sin. How can we truly love someone, if we don’t even tell them how to save their soul or what are the consequences to sin? What kind of love is that? What is more important than helping someone have Eternal Life?

This entire web-site is dedicated to bring God’s children the clear truths, please read it. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the books of the saints. They are there to guide us. We don’t need to be taken away by the misteaching of others who still don’t know The Way. The saints and the teachings of the Church speak the truth. Most tragically, I have never heard anyone in my entire life clearly speak about what is necessary to be saved…not at a single Mass or any religious education program.

Yet, but the books of the saints are filled with the clear truths. What is needed to be saved should be constantly spoken about, not completely neglected. What has happened? What kind of darkness do we live in? Something is very very wrong. Has the devil caught our hearts and our tongue; are we really saving souls…or seeking to keep friends and ultimately loving ourselves.

“I [can’t] understand why other priests who believe the selfsame truths as I do, as we all must do, do not preach or exhort their flock so that they might avoid this unbearable eternity of Hell. It is still a source of wonder to me how the laity–those men and women blessed with the Faith–do not give warning to those who need it” (St. Anthony Mary Claret).

We must go out to teach and preach the truth. As God the Father told St. Catherine of Sienna, “Although I have re-created and restored to the life of grace, the human race, through the Blood of My only-begotten Son, as I have said, men are not grateful, but, going from bad to worse, and from guilt to guilt, even persecuting Me with many injuries, taking so little account of the graces which I have given them…I say to you that they will be more hard-hearted, and worthy of more punishment [in Hell], and will, indeed, be punished more severely, now that they have received redemption in the Blood of My Son, than they would have been before that redemption took place.”

Truly, the people who have received Christ’s saving love in baptism but rejected it–from choosing sin over God–suffer greater in Hell than those who never received Christ’s love. Because the more grace/love that is give, the more is required and the greater the injury we cause upon God’s Sacred Heart of love when we reject Him. Therefore the unrepentant Christians choose greater suffering in Hell than the unbaptized atheist.

Prepare for Death
We are supposed to spend our entire life preparing for the day of our death, as the saints have done. But regardless, if we heard God’s calling in our life or missed life’s purpose, until we have actually died there is still hope for our hearts to transform into a heart of true love for God with true contrition for all of our sins so we can accept God’s saving grace and go out and preach the true words of Eternal Life that will save.

“Preparation for death, which above all things is so absolutely necessary for us [for our Eternal Life]” (St. Robert Bellarmine).

Therefore, no matter how lost into sin someone might appear to be, we should never assume they are too lost. God wants us all saved. And He gives us the example of the criminal next to Christ being crucified who finally heard God’s plea for his soul and gained and even maintained true sorrow for his sins, obtained baptism by desire (seeking it in his heart) and amazingly all of his sins, which he committed after his baptism and before his death, since his love for God grew so incredibly, were even atoned (paid the price) for, and this perfectly forgiven/atoned for criminal went straight into Heaven when he died. Wow! And all of this was done at his last hour. It is possible. It is true so very few receive this blessing, but it is possible, so never despair against hope in God’s mercy…as some even the worst of us, will accept it. Perhaps I should say, mostly the worst of us will accept it, because once our pride thinks we are saved by our great prayers, works and devotions, we simply can’t see God’s mercy waiting for us. We think we already have it from our self-righteousness, and actually from our pride reject God’s mercy from not having true humility or true self-knowledge to believe in our real need for His mercy.

Now, I’m not saying that only those who live a life of great sin, rejecting God their whole life, choose Him at their death. Frankly, as we have heard the saints say, “as someone lives is how they will die.” Death is simply the end of everything we have lived for on Earth. If we have surrendered our entire life and lived for Him alone, rejecting the word’s pleasures to be with Christ, we can have real hope in accepting God’s mercy when we die. The problem is so many “faithful” have lost their humility and are being blindly led by self-righteousness and believe mercy will save them, when they are still blindly rejecting it by still loving many sins, which tragically they refuse to see. They don’t know their true misery and sadly don’t want too. Therefore, only those who have grown so little (humble) and truly believe they are the worst of all God’s children, will have the humility (faith) needed to accept God’s saving mercy. We must know our vast sinfulness to Live. Of course, we must strive to truly live the faith, but we also, must realize the only reason we are living any of the faith is from God’s great mercy, not from our own accord through our prayers, works or devotions, but through God and His great blessing He bestows upon us poor undeserving souls.

How to Prepare Someone for Death
It can be terribly disheartening when God has blessed us with the understanding of what happens to the majority of souls who die, and we want to pray all day for the dying to truly love them, but nobody around us–0n matter what we say–has the faith to really believe and simply thinks lightly of someone dying–even someone they supposedly love. Most people simply lack God’s grace and can’t love others enough to really care about their souls because they don’t have the faith themselves. If we really believed the Word and how hard it was to accept God’s saving grace and if we really loved someone we would do all in our power to help send them grace to assist in the healing of their soul so they could hopefully Live. Do we really believe in Eternal Life…sadly most prove we don’t. Tragically most will give hours of our time, bringing others to the doctor, trying to heal their body, or talk with them on the phone for hours trying to show then our love, and will even give hours to worry, but we will only give minutes, if anything at all, going to God trying to heal their soul. We lack much faith and lack the real love of Christ.

However, God tries to get us out of our sleep. He tries to wake us up to our need for faith. When a soul is dying (which is all of us), God sometimes blesses them and tries to wake them up from their sleep by allowing them to bear a wonderful cross. Sometimes God uses a long illness or horrible injury or a terrible tragedy that is meant to awaken up their spirit to the need for God, which provides them with more than enough time to really look into their life to see who and what they are living for so they can repent and change to imitate Christ, the one they should be following. However for some, we don’t have that blessing and death comes quickly or even instantly–like a thief. And if we remain asleep, not working to amend our sins and seeking the truth during the time we have available, and we surrender our time or even some of our time to peruse the pleasures of the world, and not God, how will be ready? Living the real faith, truly desiring God alone takes time. Coming to truly live the faith and hate the world and all of its pleasures, love seeking the cross and self denial like Christ told us we must do, doesn’t happen, for most over night. Therefore, when our hour hour comes, if we are still loving the world and many sins, we choose them over God and unknowingly choose Eternal Suffering.

“Whoever wishes to come after me [to Heaven] must deny himself [of all worldly pleasures that we are attached to or aren’t to know, serve or love God], take up his cross [rejoice in his suffering and look for the cross], and follow me [seek to live the Word and do as I have done]” (Mark 8:34).

We don’t know our hour. If we have neglected to live the real faith, the faith the saints chose to live, and are still living for the world, how do we expect to all of a sudden when we die, loose our love for the word and live for God, when our heart still pines for the pleasures of the world. We can’t! We must die to the world….because “whoever loves his life [of worldly pleasures] loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will preserve it for eternal life” (John 12:25). Those who have ears ought to hear. But even if we don’t have ears to hear…there is still hope. Nonetheless, for those and may other reasons we are to spend our life preparing for our death, not to make a better, more secure life for ourselves, but to give it all to God to grow in knowledge, service and love of Him through loving our neighbor for the salvation of souls.

The whole reason we are alive in the first place to come to know, serve and love God–to bring true faith, hope and charity to all. But most have lost sight of this long ago. But, if we are blessed and don’t die suddenly, then there is much we can do to work towards gaining the saving faith we should have been striving for, so we too can have true humility and sorrow for every sin. This web site if full of knowledge of the truth and guidance to help anyone do just that.

However, if we know someone who is suffering and likely on their way to death, there is much we can do to help their soul too. When a soul is immediately or in emanate danger of dying they are in different states of consequences and understanding. Being outside of the state of full knowledge makes is hard for the dying to personally prepare for their death. However, there is much their Church and their loved ones can do, which will greatly benefit their soul, and hopefully put them into the state of perfect contrition at the last hour to where they will accept God’s saving mercy at the last moment of death and be saved.

Has Full Knowledge to Understand
If someone finally knows their need to live for death, and they finally want to begin to prepare their soul for their Creator…then this entire web-site is for you. But, in this article, I’m going to speak about how we can help someone we know or love, who, lets say is in the hospital given just a month to live. Now if anyone has been around the dying, we know there is no guarantee with when someone will die. The doctor makes his best educated guess, but it is just an educated guess. When the doctor says someone has two years to live, that can mean 10 years or two months or really anything at all. Sometimes they are right on the money with the severity and intensity of the illness and sometime they are far off. But nonetheless, any illness is a HUGE WAKE UP CALL from God. We need to listen and help others to listen.

If someone is now sick, now, not when they are so grossly ill and can’t understand anything, is when we need to start trying to save their soul. Waiting until their death is absolutely eminent is not really loving them and prevents them from having the best help and most grace God can give them. Even if we have recovered from a huge illness or large cross, we need to look back and see if we learned what God was trying to teach us and responded to God’s call and are truly changing our life. And are now giving Him great praise and gratitude for waking us up and giving us a second chance to make things right and seek to live truly for Him with the hopes of obtaining a saving faith and true sorrow for our sins.

Nonetheless, if we know someone gravely ill their heart is now softened. They aren’t the same person they were right before they got sick. They now feel something; they now know their mortality is real to some extent. This is such a blessing. We need to allow God to work through us to help them at this wonderful time of openness. The problem is all people respond to their possible death differently. Some are seeking God because of the: Why, have anger, despair, questions, need help….oh, the needs and responses are different for everyone. And we need to be there to help with what ever they are. The problem for us is will we have the wisdom and knowledge to really help.

Lost the Ability to Understand
When someone has lost the ability to pray, or understand the Word–that will save or can’t examine their conscience or making a true confession there are still many things we–the Church and family and friends–can do to help save this soul of this person, at their most important hour of need.

Our prayers, alms giving (donating money out of love), works of mercy, can move God’s heart to forgive the venial sins of someone else. However, the mortal sins are only pardonable by the offender having true contrition. But from our prayers bringing them pardon for their venial sins, great grace can be given to them to move their soul into true contrition for their mortal sins too.

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