How Can I REally Trust In God

a life of perfect peace is waiting for us if we just learn how to trust.

When we have true trust in God, we never fear again (except offending God). Our worries, jealousies, complaints are perfectly removed. Those who truly trust don’t want anything but what God wills and never fear in a single thing that our all loving God allows. They don’t worry when trials come, nor are they jealous of others blessing as they suffer, nor are they complaining when things go wrong, are treated poorly, and are suffering any affliction or disappointment in life. Honestly, those who truly trust in God only want what ever God allows, suffering, difficulties and all. They trust He knows what is best for them and never doubt any occurrence in life but carry all crosses happily knowing it is Gods will for the good of their souls. Boy do we need true trust in God, as despair and anxieties are running rampant in so many of our lives.

“Remind one another that nothing in life is to be feared, except offending God” (St. John Chrysostom).

In our thoughts we say, “Jesus is the Way.” We believe we really love God and have lots of faith and trust in Him. However, in reality, much of the time, our faith is shockingly very little. We have forgotten what faith really is and have just become accustomed to lying to our selves saying one thing and living another. We don’t know how to be honest with ourselves in approach with our faith, and have been deceived by the evil one into thinking we living the faith, when in fact we greatly lack trust in God as our actions prove.

But we don’t have to live deceived. Jesus wants us to know the truth so we can see our need for His help with the light of truth. When God tests us, with challenges and sufferings–to show us if our faith is true or not (more than just by word alone), we can easily see how much real trust in God we have. Much of the time we prove, very clearly, by our actions, we lack much faith in Jesus as we complain and worry, etc. (lack trust) with countless things that happen in life. Our faith simply isn’t lived, as we act outside of peace in many many ways during many different circumstances in our life. Yet, many of us even suffer from additional blindness and still claim they are in peace as they don’t even recognize the countless moments of anger, frustration and anxiety have really have.

These wonderful test–challenging circumstances–that God gives us, sadly, much of the time, we miss. These lessons to enlighten us to our need to grow in faith, we tend to only see as problems and sufferings. We don’t understand the cross and don’t really believe that God allows everything for the good of our souls–to move us towards a saving faith. Therefore, we see bad as bad, not good. God tries to guide us to trust in Him but we just aren’t listening, and we simply become angry or worry with life’s challenges. They aren’t making us stronger in faith, but sadly weaker.

Our lack of faith and great need to grow toward a saving faith (a faith that is lived) is prevalent.

Many never come to understand that any time we act outside of love (outside of faith and trust in God) with stress, frustration or despair, etc. when something goes wrong or might not be to our liking, we simply don’t trust in God. How many times are we all out of sorts? But we simply don’t see and continue our life long with all of broken personalities that scream out how we lack faith to those who know what faith is. Oh, how hard it is for the proud to see, since we believe we are of great faith from all of our prayers and works, but we prove, by our unloving behavior–not living the faith–we are far from true faith in God. The only reason we are outside of perfect happiness in all circumstance is because we don’t trust in God. We simply don’t believe all God allows is for the good of our souls and we want what we feel is best as if we are smarter than God and know the Way better than He does. Why should anyone with true faith in God fear anything He allows? Does He seek to damn us? No, He loves us and is trying, in every facet of our lives, to show us how to change to find the Way. Those with true faith know all–the good and most importantly the bad–is allowed for ultimate the good of our souls. We must believe. God is our savior to lead us to what we need to learn and do to grow into a saving faith…fear nothing, trust in Jesus.

“I should fear nothing except sin. Whatever God sends me, I accept with complete submission to His holy will. Whatever He puts me, I will try faithfully to do His holy will, as well as He wishes, to the extent of my power to do so.” St. Faustina

No matter what happens in life, we must understand, since God loves us, all–the good and most importantly the bad–is allowed for the good of our souls. Therefore, how can we fear anything that God allows to happen since it is all to lead, those who trust in Him, to Eternal Life. Trust in God. Remove our worries and anxieties and live in perfect peace. This is so very possible, if we only learn how to let go of our will and trust in God’s perfect will for our life.

“God is Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge. He knows and understands the means that lead with all security to the attainment of your last End [Heaven] [trust in all He allows as necessary to get you there]” (St. Anthony Mary Claret).

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