How to Become a Saint

A Fantastic life with God is waiting for those who answer the call

Life of Joy Awaits

Saints live lives of great peace and joy…especially when suffering and of course obtain Eternal Life. If we want to know how to become a saint, that is great! 

The Word tells us we must “walk the path of perfection” (Psalm 26:1), not the path of sin. This isn’t optional. There is a clear daily path we can take to grow into becoming a true self-sacrificing perfect saint filled with unspeakable joy from God, as I will explain.

Must Seek Sanctification to Become Saved

A lot of people are unaware that if we want to be saved, we must be striving to become “perfectly holy” (1 Thessalonians 5:23)…a real saint. If we aren’t truly working for this goal, growing in virtue after virtue, from constantly leaving sin after sin, giving up the pleasures of the world, and sacrificing and suffering for souls, like the real saints have done, then no matter how much good we do or how much we have grown in faith, we have not grown enough and are still living lukewarm lives. We are not working to live the true faith.

We must seek to obey the faith that saves–all of it–the cross and all if we want Eternal Life, not because we are saved by obedience; we are saved by faith. But because if we truly believed with a TRUE FAITH in Jesus’ Word as The Way–we would burn with love wanting to perfectly obey and follow Christ.

Truly, nobody is called to be a sinner…”this is the will of God, your sanctification” (1 Thessalonians 4:3). We care called to be real saints. This must be our goal!

“Become a saint, and do so quickly [we don’t know when our hour will come].”

— Pope St. John Paul II

How to Become a Saint

To become a saint is simple all we need to do is:

  1. Increase Prayer/Remove Sin: First increase our humble prayers and stop our habitual sins that are keeping us from receiving much of God’s grace aiming to remove all of them. To learn more please read “How to Stop Sinning.”;
  2. Seek to Do God’s Will Perfectly: In all of our thoughts, words and deeds seek to make literally all of them for God’s honor and glory…so we can know, serve and love Him. Don’t waste a single thought pondered, word spoken or action made do all for the love of God.
  3. Remove the World’s Pleasures: Then strengthened with God’s grace, while still increasing prayer and removing sin after sin, aiming for unceasing prayer and perfection, practice weaning ourselves of all the world’s pleasures that we run to for happiness, so we can run to God alone. Remove one attachment (idol) at a time, so we can begin to desire God alone as our source of joy. To learn more pleases read “How to Reject the World and Live for Heaven.”;
  4. Carry Our Crosses: No matter what circumstance in life God allows to happen, seek with perfect trust to carry our crosses–never running from or complaining over the least discomfort to the greatest tragedy–learning and growing from all as we grow in peace.;
  5. Choose the Cross: Then, filled with much grace, living in wonderful peace, choose the cross–chose what we don’t like, what is difficult, what is less, what is painful (according to God’s will) in everything as penance so we can to send grace for the salvation of souls and to make saints like Christ did for us. To learn more please read, “How to Carry and Choose the Cross Like Christ.”

This, seeking to become a saint, is The Way of Perfection–The Way to Heaven. It is the path the saints, who obtained Heaven, traveled. And it’s the path we need to follow too; it is how we really follow Christ.

It might be a simple path to travel but it is very difficult because we don’t want to change. But we can learn how.

“Amen, I say to you that you who have followed me… will inherit eternal life” (Matthew 19:28-29).

Calling for All

Some have been tricked into believing becoming a saint isn’t a calling for them but for someone else because we view a saint as a supernatural superhero of sorts, making the idea of becoming a saint not obtainable.

But that simply isn’t true. Sure God calls some people to do, what we see as, “bigger works” than others and from God’s grace many are quite miraculous. He also gives great mystical experiences to some and not so much to others, as we see with some saints, but no matter what kind of gifts or works God has planned for each of us or what spiritual experiences He has in store, God created each of us, with a special plan on how we are to obtain His grace, serve Him and become a real perfect saint. We just need to honestly say, “Yes, Lord.”

“I want to pour out My divine life into human souls and sanctify them, if only they were willing to accept My grace.

–Jesus to St. Faustina

God calls ALL of His children to spend their time on earth seeking to surrender their will loosing–their want for sin and the world’s pleasures–so we can spend our desires seeking to know, serve and love Him–to become a perfect self-sacrificing saint so to send grace for the salvation of souls. 

Let’s learn how to accept God’s grace so Jesus can save us and His children through us…and that is done by whole heartedly making becoming a saint our life’s goal.

To become a saint, we must be willing to let go of everything that is keeping us from sanctity and be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal..or we still love our sins above God and can lose it all.

Plus, if we don’t think God can make us a saint because we are too sinful, weak or stupid, we won’t become one either. We must have all hope and trust in God to transform our sinfulness and use us as He created us–weaknesses and all–to gaining a saving faith and then perfection by firmly believing that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

To accomplish this command of God, we won’t be relying on our strength, but His. 

And to get to the faith we need to accept His strength (grace), He will humble us over and over again or should I say try to humble us (if we can see His gift), so we can’t gain everything we need to be saved. Truly, we don’t need to know anything. We just need to want to become a saint and if we honestly seek Him, God will give us all we need to change so to live His will and become a perfect saint–Believe! 

“Seek the Lord, your God, from there, you shall indeed find him if you search after him with all your heart and soul” (Deuteronomy 4:29). This is what God wants. God Wants You In Heaven. The only thing that is keeping you from becoming a saint is yourself. TRUST IN HIM!

“[Our] bodies do not lack wherewith [the ability] to ‘co-operate unto good, to such as, according to His purpose, are called to be saints.'”

–St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church

Don’t be Deceived

However, there are some who think we are on the right path towards becoming a saint. But they have been deceived. You see, even if we spend our time with “religious” things, and don’t waist any of our precious time with fruitless endeavors, if we aren’t truly growing and growing in goodness–losing our sinful personalities and habits…becoming like Christ-growing towards true sanctity, we are doing something very wrong.

When we truly follow Christ our brokenness will be leaving and our sacrificial love will be increasing.

We might have some desire to do good and improve; we might pray and do charity work and we might even be improving somewhat, but we must yearn to become a PERFECT saint by living the Way of the Cross for the love of God and salvation of our neighbor…not just seeking to become a better version of ourselves. That isn’t the path to sanctity.

Sure it is a good thought to want to better ourselves, but if that is our goal, we won’t obtain sanctity nor Eternal Life. Just seeking to become a better person, holy or to know God better won’t lead us to obtain a faith that can save or sanctity. We must be striving to be “perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). That must be our goal!

God expects us to seek to perfectly obey Him by making holiness perfect in the fear of God” (2 Corinthians 7:1). Nothing else is true obedience to God.

Growing in knowledge and works of the faith does’t necessarily mean we are on the right path either. We must be growing in love…not worldly love of pleasing others like most of the world is caught into today, but true love of sacrificing and suffering to save souls, forgiving others, stopping our offences and becoming more like Christ every day.

The devil loves to sneak into those who God has richly blessed and perform great works, who have an appearance of great faith. Beware! The devil steals our souls through our pride.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?’ Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers’” (Matthew 7:21-23).

Tragically, from our pride we can think we are serving God and doing His will, because we have great prayers and mighty deeds, but sadly we still haven’t even found The Way…nor grown into a saving faith.

Oh, from our pride, how many faithful are caught in this trap of the devil and are being lead astray all the while thinking we are saved, thinking that we are on the right path, when we aren’t.

No matter how much we pray and work for God to be walking towards the Path of Life, DAILY we must be CHANGING in the following areas:

  • amending sin after sin (growing in perfection),
  • increasing our understanding of our sinfulness (gaining greater humility),
  • removing our countless attachments (gaining a true desire for God alone),
  • growing in virtue after virtue (becoming like the One we are following),
  • becoming a worry/complain free person (increasing in trust),
  • wanting to more greatly to serve, suffer and sacrifice for souls (growing in love of the cross),
  • surrendering our will for God’s (losing self-love),
  • growing in fear of the Lord (increasing our hatred/fear of evil (sin) from our increasing understanding of sins’ grave consequences upon God. others and ourselves–growing in wisdom).

If we honestly looked into ourselves we would see how most of us aren’t really working to sin no more. Therefore, we aren’t increasing in all of these qualities of faith. We pray and work for Christ, study to learn the faith but remain the same person today as we were yesterday–since our sins aren’t leaving. We are still impatient, complaining, and are walking about in all sorts of habitual errors. Christ’s transforming grace isn’t removing our sins; we are staying in them. We are a slave to sin.

“Habitual sinners become slaves of sin and bring themselves into a necessity of falling into sin [from their own desire…not even a temptation]…[and] if they no longer see their danger, how can they escape?…The miserable wretches will open their eyes in hell, when the sight of their misery will serve only to make them weep more bitterly over their folly.”

–St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church

Sadly, we grow in prayer, works and knowledge, which is good and necessary, but of itself is still dead since we aren’t seeking to amend our habitual sins. We aren’t growing in true qualities of love (as listed above). We aren’t growing in true faith–wisdom. We live deceived.

We MUST First clean [remove sin on] the inside of the cup [our soul], so that the outside [our prayers and works] also may become clean…[we] on the outside look beautiful [faithful], but inside they [we] are full of the bones of the dead and of all kinds of filth [sin].” (Matthew 23:26-27).

“I am the Lady of the Rosary, I have come to warn the FAITHFUL to amend their lives and ask for pardon for their sins. They must not offend Our Lord any more, for He is already too grievously offended by the sins of men. People must say the Rosary [with a humble heart]. Let them continue saying it every day [for my help].”

–Blessed Mother of God, Fatima

Hard Road

Wonderfully, we can change, but this Way of Perfection is hard to travel, not because it is complicated. It is simple. But the road is hard that leads to life” (Matthew 7:14) because we must learn how to hate what we love…sin.

Yes, sadly from our sinful nature, we love sin…even though we say we hate it. We suffer from a love/hate relationship with sin; we just don’t hate it enough to do what is necessary to stop choosing all of our habitual sins nor remove our attachments to pleasure that keep us from truly loving God, which proves clearly we still have a desire for them.

For Eternal Life, we must, at least, grow in our faith to truly come to hate all of our sins with a contrite heart, which means God’s grace causes us to no longer want them and/or habitually commit them. From this true hatred, God removes all sinful habits (like seeking our will) so we can habitually love Him. Plus, to accept God’s saving mercy, we must allow God’s grace to detach us from all pleasures of the world so we can attach ourselves to God and embrace His love instead of rejecting it for the world.

“[Venial sin] leads to mortal sin as sickness leads to death; for the repetition of venial sins insensibly weakens the fear of God (fear of sin and it consequences), hardens the conscience [causes us to not see sin], forms evil attachments and habits [which are mortal sins].”

–St. Ignatius of Loyola, Doctor of the Church

We should know, if we can’t accept enough of God’s grace to reject all sin and attachments during our life, we must at least become truly sorry for our failure to obtain a saving faith and live God’s Word at the moment of our death. That way God’s mercy can forgive us of our life time of sins and we can be saved. To learn more please read, “How to Save the Soul of Someone Dying.”

But tragically, because our desire for sin and the world is so great, so few obtain this kind of contrition during death if we haven’t found it during our life. If we haven’t learned how to reject sin and our attachments, throughout our life time, we will most likely still desire them even until the end and as a result we will unknowingly reject God’s saving mercy for sin.

“What anguish will that Christian experience who has continually relapsed into the same vices [habitual sins], and at last finds himself at the point of death! Then will he exclaim: “Alas! in a few moments I must appear before Jesus as my judge, and I have not at yet even begun to change my life. I have many times promised to do so, but I have not done it; and now, in a short time, what will become of me [but eternal torment]?…The time of death will not be the time to prepare ourselves to die well; to die well and happily, we must prepare ourselves beforehand, there will not be time then to eradicate bad habits from the soul, to expel from the heart its predominant passion [what we love above God], and to extinguish all affection to earthly goods [desires of anything but God]. ” — St. Alphonosus, Doctor of the Church

Therefore, it is vital to our Eternal Life that we seek to sanctify ourselves.

To become a self-sacrificing perfect saint like God wills, we must let go of our:

  • serious and habitual offences (truly desire to stop sinning all sin),
  • longing for the pleasures of the world or sin (desire to suffer and sacrifice–choose the cross– for the salvation of souls),
  • attachments to created things (don’t seek anything but God to make us happy),
  • desire for our will (let go of all we want and perfectly trust in God and want His will alone),
so we can desire God and His will alone.

If we can do this, we will desire nothing but God and His will from having a true hatred for our sins and true love for God. We will obtain a saving faith. Then we will grow in wonderful love with God so all we want to do at every moment of our life is live to love Him, by Way of the Cross, which atones for all of our sins–making us saints.

With God’s grace, we can do this. Lets follow the saints!

Oh what joy we will be enveloped with when the Lord becomes our true Shepard, and we run after Him alone. We will crave nothing but God and His holy will as we strive to crucify ourselves for the love of Him and salvation of souls. And I will do my best to tell us how we can do just that.

Follow the Saints

The saints obtained Heaven. We know they found The Way correctly. Why would we follow someone else’s lukewarm guidance, who might mean well but are leading us to our doom, when the saints clearly say what is needed to be saved?

“There are some things hard to understand [but necessary for salvation] that the ignorant and unstable distort to their own destruction [don’t follow them]…Therefore, beloved, since you are forewarned, be on your guard not to be led into the error” (2 Peter 3:16-17).

“Ah! my good friends, woe to him who follows the world! He is lost! If you wish to be saved you must necessarily flee this world [everything that we go to for happiness that isn’t God]…if you have any further doubts about it, just remember what all the saints did: they considered the world and its pleasures a plague [so to not desire them], from which they fled.”

–St. John Vianney

St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church, tells us, “to secure a happy death, the saints have abandoned all things; they have left their country; they have renounced the delights and the hopes [for success and pleasure] which the world held out to them, and have embraced a life of poverty and contempt. But how can [we] worldlings, living in the midst of sins, in the midst of earthly pleasures and dangerous occasions [of sin], expect a happy death [are we deceived]?… How is it possible that he who reflects on this, and believes the truths of the faith [that there are consequences to sin], does not leave all to give himself to God, who will judge us all according to our works?”

The saints clearly warn us of what is needed to obtain a saving faith. We must be willing to leave it all-sin and everything our heart finds affection with in this world, so we can desire God and His merciful saving love. Do we want to renounce the things we do which bring us such pleasure and choose the cross to know, serve and love God?

“You have lived on earth in…pleasure [not the cross]; you have fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter.” (James 5:5)

Truly, we must “free ourselves from desires leading to infatuation with this world” as St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church teaches us. Haven’t we figured out we are still left empty looking for our next fix (a high–like a drug) after we partake in such pleasure? Do we see its folly?

Are we willing to renounce–abandon–our beloved football…our favorite foods, fruitless TV shows…our consolation and attention seeking from our family and friends…our self-satisfying/pride-filling social media, wasteful shopping, indulging vacations, our longing for success and approval, our endless quest for entertainment, seeking love and care from others…oh, are we willing to leave it all…whatever it may be for us that keeps our minds from unceasing prayer and serving God perfectly…everything we think we can’t live without…whatever it is we spend our time doing or wanting to do that isn’t to know, serve or love God…everything we desire/long for to bring us happiness, which isn’t God…will we LEAVE IT ALL to seek to find true happiness with God alone?

We can’t find God–really find Him–and fill ourselves up with Him if we continue filling ourselves up with everything else. Just one longing for something other than God and His will, in which we don’t honestly want to leave, rejects Him enough to where we can’t even find the Path to Life, which is Jesus, our guide to Heaven…and if we don’t at least find the Path, we most certainly won’t get to the end.

Will we surrender everything we long for to follow God…to truly live the faith? How much do we want to love God? How much do we want Heaven? Or have we been deceived into thinking this isn’t necessary? Ask yourselves, “What did the saints do…really do?” Then, follow them! They have fantastic wisdom far above ourselves and found The Way.

When they heard God calling them, they decided they were going to stop their sins, reject the world and follow Christ. Then, one step at a time, they learned how to reject it all. They found the Path of Life, and if we want to find Jesus…really find Jesus so He can guide us to sanctity, we must reject it all too.

“In heaven, the saints occupy themselves only with God; all their thoughts are for His glory; their pleasure is to love Him. Do you act in the same way? During your life on earth let God be your only happiness, the only object of your affections, the only end of all of your actions and desires.”

–St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church

If all of that wasn’t convincing enough, St. Francis of Assisi teaches us we mustfast and to abstain from vices [sinful habits] and sins and from superfluity [over abundance] of food and drink, and to be Catholics…We ought to love our enemies and do good to them that hate us. We ought to observe the precepts and counsels of our Lord Jesus Christ. We ought also to deny ourselves [of our will and pleasure] and to put our bodies beneath the yoke of servitude [under the easy law of serving others] and holy obedience [to God’s will].”

St. Anslem, Doctor of the Church tells us, “Do not follow the great majority of mankind, but follow those who enter upon the narrow way, who renounce the world [give up its pleasures], who give themselves to prayer [unceasing prayer], and who never relax their efforts by day or by night [to obtain true sorrow/saving faith and grow towards perfection], that they may attain everlasting felicity [heavenly bliss].”

“You must understand this, that in the last days distressing times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves…lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the outward form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid them!” (2 Timothy 3:1-5).

All our possessions and our friends to whom we have such an attachment…disappears friends, do not let us deceive ourselves. Let us flee, or else we may run the danger of being lost. All our saints have fled and despised the world…Those who were obliged to live in it lived as if they were not in it. How many of the real great ones [saints] have left this world to live in solitude [because of the deadly attachments friend/family brings]!” as St. John Vianney warns.

We must amend our lives greatly so we can follow the saints all of the time, not just during Lent or once in a while. We can’t live The Way only during part of our life and then chose sin for the rest. We must love God enough to strive to live it perfectly at all moments. This is a total life change.

However, God doesn’t expect us to live The Way perfectly as soon as we learn of some of it; He wants us to become truly resolved to live it…as we work hard to amend our ways removing one sin, one attachment at a time, according to God’s will, towards becoming a perfect saint.

“The Lord delights in every little step you take.”

–St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church

Yes Lord, I Hear You

This very moment we can decide we are going to let go of all sin and all of the things of this world we crave and learn how to love our Infinite Creator, not the created, as God is “ever knocking at the door of the heart” (God to St. Catherine of Genoa).

God wants us happy loving Him, not sin or the world’s pleasures that keep us from Him. And if we desire to let it all go, God will teach us His blessed ways. To learn more please read “How to Reject the World and Live for Heaven.”

“The affections of which are set on the things of this world…must be burned up and purified of all created things in the fire of His love. This purgation drives away the evil spirits who has dominion over our soul, because of our attachment to those pleasures.”

–St John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church

This removal of sin and everything we delight in that keeps us from knowing, serving and loving God is most necessary to obtain the first step by Way of Purgation–into a saving faith and is most certainly needed to obtain sanctity by Way of Illumination and absolutely needed to become perfect by the Way of Unity.

Wonderful Life

If we want a life of wonderful happiness and great peace all of the time, then this is the way. If we are tired of being lonely, stressed, seeking understanding, looking for true love, frustrated, grumpy, depressed, feeling hopeless, and all worried about life’s challenges/sufferings etc., especially during great trials, then this is The Way which will change everything.

“A person who is truly virtuous does not waver in the least…whether you are blamed..mocked at, or regarded as a hypocrite…none of these things should be capable of robbing you of your peace of soul.”

–St. John Vianney

When we have much grace…nothing will cause us to stumble. Every kind of malicious word or action will only bring us pity towards those mistreating us, as we rejoice in the cross truly knowing what good it brings, living in wonderful peace.

When we grow in faith to be able to emulate much of what the saints do, our life will be filled with the most incredible joy. Even if we can’t love (stop sinning) quite as perfectly as the saints, if we can just grow in wonderful trust in God, our lives will constantly be in unshakable peace.–nothing will stress us any more…nothing will cause us fear (except sin of course). We will finally have Jesus’s peace from real trust in God…that is lived. This is what we all long for.

“Those of steadfast [loyal] mind you keep in peace—in peace because they trust in you” (Isaiah 26:3).

Everything that God allows–tragedies and all–will be accepted in peaceful trust…knowing it is God’s will. We will have great understanding/belief that He will make everything good according to His plan for salvation of souls, that is, if we follow Him. We will never complain or worry again. God’s grace will take those sins away, if we want Him to.

When we follow Christ correctly, we will truly put our hands into our loving Creators’…knowing He makes all bad into good, when we trust and follow Him. We will finally have true trust in Christ and His unfathomable mercy–we will have real faith!

All of the sins that our sinful nature used to run to, everything we used to desire that wasn’t God or His will, all of the things we used to do to entertain ourselves–to find happiness–will be of no interest to us anymore. From God’s grace, our delight will be in God alone.

Our relaxation will now be prayer. It won’t be hard anymore to pray; we will love it and crave it. Our free time won’t be with the world: seeking consolations, rest or entertainment with friends or family, seeking our next great meal or a fun time out, or anything at all, it will be spent seeking ways to love God by way of the cross as we seek to do His will perfectly.

“The Holy Spirit tells us through His Saints, and Our Lord has told us with His Own Lips, that a devout life is very sweet, very happy and very loveable.”

–St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church

When we obtain much grace–through removing sin–what used to be hard (living the Word), will become easy. We will look for ways to SUFFER (deny ourselves and pick up our cross) for Christ–like Christ did for us, united with Him, sending grace for the salvation of souls, and we will LOVE IT.

Our hearts will pine so greatly for God, we will long for our death to be with Him but relent that desire for whatever God wills. Our love for God will be terrific and it will drive our every action. And in response to this love, God will fill us with indescribable love in return. This incredible life isn’t for someone else, or only for a moment or two, but if we allow God’s grace to fill us, it is available for us consistently in our lives.

This is our goal!

“The world, looking on, sees that devout persons fast, watch and pray, endure injury patiently, minister to the sick and poor, restrain their temper, check and subdue their passions, deny themselves in all sensual indulgences, and do many other things which in themselves are hard and difficult. But the world sees nothing of that inward, heartfelt devotion which makes all these actions pleasant and easy.”

–St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church

Are You Ready?

Do you really believe? If so, PRAISE GOD! You are one of the “few” that can see and have the grace to walk towards the Path of Life. I’m so happy for you. Become excited; this is the beginning of the most wonderful time of your life. Oh, you will work and work hard, but don’t fret. If you accept God’s grace and learn how to follow Christ correctly, you are going to grow and develop a real true burning love for God and be filled with unspeakable joy.

If you can clearly see what the saints have done to obtain sanctity and eternal life and believe you must do the same, so to one day win the Crown of Life, then you can proceed to learn how to do just that.

“I urge you not simply to admire but also to imitate this splendid example of virtue [of St. Paul], for, if we do, we can share his crown as well.”

–St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church

God will teach, strengthen and guide you to The Way, if you allow Him. He has been waiting your whole life for you to sincerely come to Him. Embrace His transforming love. His love and mercy will make you a saint. Believe!

“The Lord is waiting to be gracious to you, truly, he shall rise to show you mercy [go to Him]” (Isaiah 30:18).

There Are Two Kinds of Saints

To seek to become a saint we need to understand there are two different kinds of real saints:

  1. Regular Saint–someone who has had all their sins forgiven and atoned for.
  2. Perfect Saint–someone who has had all their sins forgiven and atoned for and can no longer sin again (achieved perfection) like St Therese of Lisieux has acquired.

Within each saint there are different degrees of love for God, which God rewards in Heaven for our fidelity to Him. No two saints are alike, but all saints are welcomed into Heaven at different levels and degrees of closeness to Him.

If a person has accepted enough of God’s grace and has grown to become a regular saint, they will still sometimes choose to sin since God’s love isn’t fully resounding in their souls (since they lack perfect love). The moments they lack grace and are tempted, they might fall. But when they do, from the continuous true contrition (true love) that exists in their souls, they are instantly forgiven. From their love for God being so great, from their constant life of mortification–denial of pleasure to love God–that sin is perfectly atoned for too.

But once they unite with God even more perfectly and obtain even more of God’s grace, enough for His love to constantly and fully renew within their souls, that grace makes them unable to chose to sin again and they are full of grace–a perfect saint–united with God’s love. At this point in their faith, God will never allow them to become a slave of the evil one again because they can never reject God by choosing sin any more.

What is a Saint?

From prior knowledge and what I have just written, we have some understanding of what a saint is. But if we want to become a true saint, we need to really know well what we are aiming for. It is much easier to aim for a goal when we clearly know what it is.

In brief: a saint is simply a person who doesn’t want to sin; they want to love God. They don’t want to offend God any more and have gone to God for grace to help them amend their ways so they can live to serve Him alone. From much perseverance and hard work, they have acquired enough grace from God to atone for their sins and sanctify themselves, growing in true love of God.

Some people use the phrase “Oh, she/he’s a saint.” when they are describing someone they believe to be very holy, but most likely the seemingly holy person isn’t on the path of true sanctity, striving to become a real saint, since sadly very few chose this path.

A true saint is not just someone who pray’s a lot or does good things for others. Sure a true saint does that but a true saint, from God’s grace, does so much more. Like I said, a real saint is someone who has decided to give their entire life to God…they have detached themselves from the word and have attached themselves to God.


  • No longer habitually chose to commit any sin; they hate all sin and habitually love God,
  • Reject and no longer want the pleasures of the world; they have lost their affection for created things,
  • Don’t worry or complain when crosses: inconveniences, problems, sickness, suffering, etc. befall them; they trust in God and love the cross,
  • Have surrendered to God their will; they want nothing but to know, serve and love God how He wills, so God can do everything through them,
  • Run to the cross to suffer, out of love for God, for the salvation of souls.

Saints rejoice in all that God allows knowing it is God’s will and the way to His Sacred Heart of Love. A true saint lives in wonderful peace–especially during ridicule, rejection and suffering! They understand the cross and love it not just some of the time but consistently in their life.

We need to follow the real saints–the ones who have been canonized–they know the real way.

Big Goal

Becoming a saint is a big goal…not that it requires anything complicated for us to do…except letting go of our will for God’s. Really, becoming a saint is rather simple like I said. Frankly, if we can surrender our will for God’s, He will enlighten and lead us to exactly what we need to do to let go of our sins and all we desire that isn’t to know, serve and love God. God makes it easy to sanctify ourselves. But to get to this point in our faith, most will have to work and work hard to get there.

“What saint has ever won his crown without first contending [struggling with difficulty] for it?”

–St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church

But to sum it up simply: to sanctify ourselves, we just need to learn what God wills of us and how to humbly relent our will in our thoughts, words and deeds and do it. In doing this, we will leave what keeps us from God and grow in true love of God which accepts His saving grace and atones for our sins.

But this is very hard for us to do since we love our will very much. Therefore, to accomplish sanctity, we can’t give 50% of our life to becoming a saint…we need to give it all. “You cannot be half a saint. You must be a whole saint or no saint at all”(St. Therese of Lisieux).

We can’t decide to be a saint during Church and then be content with afterwards running off to the pleasures of the world to bring us happiness. We must desire God alone.

“But what is My [Jesus’] will, except that you should want to love Me above all things and not desire anything but Me.”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden

To do this, we can’t follow the majority, we must follow the minority or even be the only one to follow The Way. ” ” –St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church. So tragically, so few truly want to love God enough to leave the world for Him. Most just won’t soften our hearts enough to really understand and don’t change adequately, still clinging to sin all the way to the end…so sad.

But if we can hear, we must work and work hard running to God in all humility for grace after grace, staying vigilant, learning and learning from our failures and all circumstances, removing one sin, one pleasure at a time so to abandon all that keeps us from God, as we strive to fulfill His will perfectly living to love and serve our neighbor for the salvation of their souls, like Jesus did for us.

Be Patient

However, we might be one of the few who are so blessed to understand well the urgency of the matter at hand and want to become a saint today. But with any large goal, for most, it is achieved over time. So we shouldn’t expect ourselves to become a saint over night. It will happen one step at a time.

But we shouldn’t fret. God knows our weakness, and He knows our heart and if our heart truly wants to become a saint, He will see to it that happens. We must trust in Him. He will be patient with us; We need to be patient with ourselves, Remember, He wants us saved.

“Consider the patience of our Lord as [bringing us to] salvation” (2 Peter 3:15).

If we think we have a fire (of desire) to change which is greater than reality, and we will take steps too big for us, then we will only fall and sometimes even further back from where we started. But if we take steps too small, we won’t allow God to fly us to His Sacred Side either. Then we might never make it to the Crown. We need to be careful, and be honest with ourselves and figure out what we can do and humbly be satisfied with that. God is.

“I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me [so I won’t fall]” (Psalm 131:1).

The steps we take will vary in size from one person to the next depending upon our ability to climb (from our amount grace and desire). Some will move more rapidly than others–but, if we go about this correctly, it will happen at a pace we can tolerate, and we will grow (climb).

With each step we take correctly, our ability to climb will increase since we are being strengthen by God (accepting more grace), that is, unless we take some steps poorly and fall backwards (which will most likely happen), or until we get to our stumbling block (unless we don’t have one, but most have may as I will explain later). However, if we allow God to knock down our barriers and we learn, we will begin to grow again towards true sanctity.

In time if we continue in this process, we will eventually obtain the goal. This we must believe and persevere. We must have hope in God to show us The Way even when we fall horribly as long as we truly want to learn and change and not stay in our sinful ways.


Becoming a saint is similar to that of becoming an Olympic gold winner. Until we decide we are going to go for the gold and we going to give it our all, we won’t obtain it. If we aren’t trying as hard as an Olympian, growing and changing at the pace God intends, then we aren’t sincerely pursuing Life and won’t get there.

However, we will need to start as a young child in the race. We must understand how deceived we have been and realize, we really know nothing. We must let go of our pride and allow God to guide us correctly to The Way. We won’t have much discipline at first either, nor ability to do great thing, since we are so weak in grace.

Our soil must be fertilized by God so His great seed (desire to sanctify ourselves) can grow properly. Wonderfully like with an Olympian, if we learn, work hard and change, we will grow in endurance and strength, into maturity in the faith, able to step by step live the faith. Then one day if we persevere to the end, we will obtain the goal.

“The one who perseveres to the end will be saved” (Matthew 24:13).

But please understand, we don’t need any special talent above anyone else to win the Crown of Life or to obtain sanctity, all we need is God’s grace and our desire (moved by God’s grace) and it will be achieved. Frankly, the less we are, the easier it will be.

“Each one [person] can become a great saint, so great is the power of God’s grace. It remains only for us not to oppose God’s action [not reject His transforming grace].

–St. Faustina

To begin lets learn about our goal.

The Easy Way

With any goal in life…there is an easy way to obtain it and a hard way, and becoming a saint isn’t any different. Does God want us all to take the easy way to Life, no? Some people He gives every advantage to obtain the goal using the easiest means possible and others He doesn’t.

God has a different plan for everyone’s life…with the same goal–salvation–but sanctity won’t be found by all of us walking on the same path. However, if we surrender everything to Him, He will provide each of us, no matter where we are in life, with everything we need to obtain the Crown of Life, no matter how He wants us to obtain it.

The way God wishes us to obtain the Crown of Life, is what is best for us.

Some heard God calling us earlier in life but ignored Him and some took our first step. But even if we missed choosing His perfect plan for us (didn’t answer His call), but we do live in one of the follow ways of life, God has created a new plan for our salvation, and He can still bring us to sanctity, if we allow Him.

Listed below are the different ways of life that we can choose in which we can obtain sanctity (ordered from easiest to hardest):

  1. Join a strict religious order which follows the true Way of the Cross;
  2. Become a religious or join a religious order that takes the vow of chastity and obedience;
  3. Join a lay order that provides rules which follow the Way of the Cross;
  4. Remain single–unmarried chased person;
  5. Widow–remaining single and chased;
  6. Married

01. Strict Religious Order: The easiest way to obtain sanctity is to join a strict religious order. It’s members and rules can provide the support, accountability and motivation someone needs to move past the initial lazy, self-serving dispositions that keep us complacent in our sinful ways and not moving forward. A religious order can help direct and keep us on the straight and narrow path towards Life when we fall so we can regain direction towards the Light again.

“[The] rule [religious order] with great strictness …was a safe way of salvation.” –St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church

That is why St. Teresa of Avila became a nun. She didn’t necessarily feel a great calling from God at first, but she joined because she believed it was the safest means of procuring a happy end, since she understood that the state of her eternity was far more important than anything else.

“[After I became greatly ill] I also began to be afraid that, if I were then to die, I should go down to hell. Though I could not bend my will to be a nun, I saw that the religious state was the best and the safest. And thus, by little and little, I resolved to force myself into it.”

–St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church

02. Religious Order: Not all religious or religious orders are alike. They vary greatly. But they all receive special blessings from God. Yet, some don’t even follow the true Way of the Cross and practice poverty, self-denial and sacrificing/suffering for souls…they live life pretty much like the non-religious (laity) who still don’t follow The Way either. If those religious decide they want to seek Christ by Way of the Cross, they must do it by being self-directed. But they do have the vow of obedience and chastity, which sends much grace.

These vows shouldn’t be devalued at all. Obedience is key to true humility. To be under complete obedience to another is a wonderful gift that obtains much grace. If correctly practiced, chastity is greatly beneficial and does tremendously help with obtaining sanctity too, but without living the Way of the Cross, the chased person won’t obtain sanctity either.

“Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me” (Mark 8:32).

03. Lay Order: There are some lay orders that were established to bring the laity (non-religious people) into living the Way of the Cross–the Way of Perfection–in this greatly self-satisfying world we live in today. I’m not sure if any of the orders today are continuing to correctly practice the direction their founders established, but if we can find one that does in fact instruct and guide in the true Way of the Cross, then this means can provide much help with moving towards becoming a saint.

04. Single: Choosing to not marry and stay single, practicing chastity, while devoting ones life to God is a calling (way of life) God has for some of us. We can chose this way and even combine it with joining a lay order to help us know, serve and love God…so we can grow in greater faith, hope and love for the sanctification of our souls. This way has the magnificent blessings that come from chastity, but it lacks the the special blessing of the religious and the strict discipline that goes with some religious orders. Plus it makes one more self-directed, which is a harder way.

05. Widow: Since it is so difficult to fully give ones heart to God when we have to give part of it to our spouse, when one’s spouse dies it is best to not re-marry so someone can focus on seeking to perfectly love God and not have the distraction of pleasing one’s spouse. The attachment of wanting love from another or the sexual temptations of becoming attached to satisfying ones sexual desires with their spouse, etc. are great. A widow can more easily loose their attachments to pleasure, yearn for God alone and seek the cross for Christ for the salvation of souls.

06. Married: By far seeking sanctity while being married (heterosexual marriage) is the most difficult path and not to be chosen unless we have already chosen it or we are absolutely sure this is God’s calling for us, as God does will some to be married. But as St. Paul says in the Word it is better to remain unmarried for it is far easier (if we have some sexual self-control) to find sanctity without all of the temptations of marriage. But if we are married or really feel this is God’s calling, God can sanctify us in this way of life too.

“Now to the unmarried and to widows I say: it is a good thing for them to remain as they are, as I do, but if they cannot exercise self-control they should marry, for it is better to marry than to be on fire [with lust].” (1 Corinthians 7:8-9).

But if we chose any other way of life opposed to the Word, we must leave it and chose one of these ways listed if we wish to sanctify ourselves and obtain Eternal Life.

Lets Start from the Beginning

I’m writing this direction on how to grow in fantastic love with God, how to become a perfect saint, for someone at the beginning of one’s spiritual life–someone who doesn’t yet pray–like I was when I became determined to perfectly obey God–even though these directions can and should be used for anyone. Even if we pray, since most pray incorrectly and are missing many foundational principles in correct faith development, we need direction from the beginning.

We can start this journey towards sanctity with either some desire or a great desire to change. The beginning steps are similar weather we have either a great desire to stop sinning or not. But when someone, from God’s grace, obtains a great desire to sanctify their souls, the steps become easy and more perfectly accomplished.

Steps to become a saint:

  1. gain some desire to stop sinning…this is when we obtain some FEAR OF THE LORD,
  2. repent and start removing the sins we see,
  3. change our life and begin to do pious things,
  4. learn some of the Way,
  5. come to know more sins,
  6. start removing additional sins,
  7. desire to live for God’s will,
  8. learn how reject the world so to live for God alone,
  9. learn the beauty of the cross,
  10. gain some trust in God,
  11. gain a great desire to stop sinning…this is when we gain GREAT FEAR OF THE LORD,
  12. repent and start removing the sins we see,
  13. more dramatically change our life and begin to do more pious things;
  14. gain more profound knowledge of the Way,
  15. grow in greater knowledge of our sinfulness,
  16. greatly remove sin,
  17. seek only God’s will,
  18. loose our desire for pleasures of the world and seek the cross,
  19. grow in our hatred for sin,
  20. grow in great trust in God…this is when we find the PATH TO HEAVEN (gain enough trust in Jesus’ mercy to guide us to Life–and to live in fantastic peace especially during suffering),
  21. gain a contrition so great we would rather suffer any pain than commit at lease one of our sins against Perfect Goodness for fear of suffering in Hell if we don’t amend. We gain imperfect contrition for at least one sin and are forgiven of that or those sins with imperfect contrition in the sacrament of reconciliation,
  22. grow in imperfect contrition for all of our sins during the sacrament of reconciliation and have our saving grace restored…even if only for a moment during the sacrament but lose it right after from still having self-love (caring more about our suffering in hell over the injury sin has against God–idolatry),
  23. gain a contrition so great we would rather suffer any pain than commit at lease one of our sins against Perfect Goodness because we can’t bear to offend Him whom we should love: gain perfect contrition for at least one sin and accept forgiveness outside of the sacrament of reconciliation for that sin.
  24. grow in contrition even more to where we would rather die than commit several of our sins because we can’t bear to offend God: accept forgiveness of many sins out side of confession,
  25. Increase our contrition/love for God so greatly that, from God’s grace, we habitually/constantly have a true hatred for every sin with a humble contrite heart and would do or suffer anything than sin the smallest crime again Our Beloved Creator because we can’t bear offending Him and only seek to love Him–we now have continuous perfect contrition….this is when we obtain a SAVING FAITH and justification–complete continuous forgiveness of our sins. (Way of Purgation Completed)
  26. grow in love with God through great suffering (penance) for the salvation souls and atone for one sin,
  27. increase our love during penance and atone for many sins,
  28. have our love grow to a continuous true love and atone for all sins…this is when we become a REGULAR SAINT. (Way of Illumination Completed)
  29. increase our humility and love and grow in our union with God into a more perfect love,
  30. have our nothingness become so great and love for God become our everything, that we reject none of His grace and accept the fullness of God’s love…this is when we become a PERFECT SAINT and can no longer sin again. (Way of Unity Completed)

These steps are a general idea of how to sanctify ourselves. Anything we have done before step 01.–before we have gained true Fear of the Lord–didn’t progress us towards Life. However God was trying to use those pious acts to open up our souls to the truth so we would want to truly change. To learn more please read, “What is Fear of the Lord.”

The order for some steps can vary and some steps can even be combined. There is no end to the growth in each step…as we will always continue to grow in our journey towards a greater perfection, but this is a good depiction of what we will need to do to accept enough of God’s grace to sanctify our souls.

Following these steps must be done…but don’t get discouraged by the long list, when we begin gaining grace, what was hard, with God’s grace, will become EASY.

“If we do [receive such great graces], then even what is very difficult will seem to us easy and light.”

–St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church

Fear of The Lord

We must know, whether we pray greatly, attend daily Mass, or do any pious (religious) acts, the first thing we need to even begin to grow correctly in our faith–to run the race to Life–to follow the path towards sanctity–is to obtain a DESIRE to achieve it. We must desire to be perfect for–“nothing unclean will enter it [Heaven]” (Revelation 21:2).

If we don’t desire to be perfect, which sins do we want to stay in? Those are the ones that will kill us.

This desire to change towards perfection–must be driven from the fear of sin and its consequences (Fear of the Lord), which is how we truly love God.

God teaches, “The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil [hatred of sin-because of what it does to God, our neighbor and ourselves]” (Proverbs 8:13).

Sin is horrifying and should be greatly hated/feared and spur us to love God through loving our neighbor.

“Know that the faults you commit…wound My Heart.”

–Jesus to St. Faustina

“The fear of the Lord [fear of sin] is the beginning of wisdom [what we needed to start to find the Path of Life and grow towards a saving faith]” (Psalm 111:10).

There are two kinds of fear which are good and most needed:

  1. Servile
  2. Finial Fear

These fears are “fear of the Lord,” which we simply must have if we wish to obtain sanctity. We absolutely can’t obtain a saving faith without them. We must, “be not wise in your own eyes, [but] fear the Lord and turn away from evil” (Proverbs 3: ).

For most, unless we have received great grace, our desire at first will be moved by Servile Fear of the Lord.

Servile Fear of the Lord: fear of suffering from God because of our sins if we don't change.

Then, after we gain much grace from the removal of sin, we will grow in faith and move to the more perfect fear driving our actions, Finial Fear of the Lord.

Finial Fear of the Lord: fear of losing or offending God whom we should be loving (wanting to truly love God).

Both these fears are driven by faith but finial fear is the fear we must obtain for all our sins to be saved, which sadly few acquire. Plenty think we have it, but few truly do. Therefore we always want to “labor, therefore, to increase the fire of our desire [to stop sinning so to perfectly love God]” (Jesus to St. Catherine of Siena).

If our desire to change, perform any work or pray any prayer is for any other reason than Fear of the Lord, we are not walking correctly towards Life, since all our actions need to be moved by Fear of God–wisdom. This is the beginning of finding true faith, because we can’t truly love without fear (not wanting to offend God whom we should be loving with our whole heart).

“From the fear of punishment [servile fear] he [the sinner] drives out his sin, and [then he] lovingly embraces virtue [good qualities], serving his Lord, whom he has wronged [with finial fear].”
–St. Catherine of Siena

Use the Desire We Have

Every single saint started with a beginning desire, and we need to too. Some were given the gift of having a fantastic desire, but others only forced themselves to seek to perfectly obey God out of fear…not necessarily from a “desire to obey” but more from logic. God gave the saints the knowledge of their eternal doom which awaited them if they didn’t change and even though they didn’t “desire” to do the right thing, frankly they “wanted” to sin, but because they understood the consequence of sin, they chose good anyway and grew in faith.

With each good act they did–out of Fear of the Lord (fear of punishment from sin)–they obtain grace from God. After they grew in grace from each right choice, they finally obtained enough of grace to only want to love the Lord and chose to flee from sin out of love and finally cam to truly hated their sins.

While others were blessed to accept much grace right away after God’s call, so much so, that they had a great desire to avoid sin and do everything to love God. They burned to perfectly serve Him making obedience easy. But for most it isn’t this way.

Grow in Our Desire

With any goal we have in life, for it to become realized, our desire must be great enough to cause us to do what is necessary to obtain it. The most sinister person will chose to do good if they “believe” they will be punished if caught. They won’t obtain any grace from God for their choice to do good because they didn’t chose to do good from fear of the Lord (an act of faith), but they can avoid worldly consequences of sin.

We must believe, at least, enough in our faith–that there are real consequences to sin–so to move ourselves to do good, based on faith, if we seek to grow into a saving faith and then sanctity.

This belief is driven by grace from understanding of the faith and from humility. We must do good at least out of fear of the Lord (servile fear), knowing God rewards the good and punishes the sin. The more true our desire becomes the greater steps we will be able to make and the faster we will progress towards our goal.

“Do what is good and you will receive approval from it…But if you do evil, be afraid…[for] God to inflict wrath on the evildoer.” (Romans 13:3-4)

Therefore, if we grow in our desire, we will avoid God’s wrath. But we want our desire to grow beyond fear of punishment since that fear is based on self-love (being mostly concerned about the consequences sin causes upon us…not God). The merit of Eternal Life is based on the virtue of love of God above all. We need finial fear of the Lord: fear of offending God whom we should be loving with all of our heart or losing Him.

But don’t only strive for finial fear if we don’t even have servile fear (fear of God’s punishment) since servile fear proceeds finial. If we think we have finial fear, but don’t have servile fear, we are deceived (unless we have grown so much in faith that we have lost our servile fear from receiving the fullness of God’s grace and can love Him perfectly–meaning, we can no longer sin). To lean more please read the article “What is Fear of the Lord?”

Of course, even if we believe we have a great desire to amend, we must be vigilant as the devil is always looking to steal our fire. No matter how much fire of love for God we have it needs to grow into an inferno of love for God and never die down. Therefore, our desire to love God–to want to perfectly obey His will–needs to always be growing.

So as God the Father told St. Catherine of Siena, “Labor therefore, to increase the fire of your desire, and let not a moment pass without crying to Me with humble voice.”

I recommend we always pray and beg God for such a greater desire, no matter how much desire we have and read inspirational saint books, like St. Alphonosus’s books and the book “How to Obtain Perfect Contrition” and its “Meditation,” as that is written to put great guilt and knowledge of our sinfulness and fear of the Lord into our souls to motivate us to take great action to change.

Different Desires

There are three kinds of desire I’m going to address with becoming a saint:

  1. great or true desire
  2. some desire
  3. weak desire

The first two desires can produce virtuous change for reasons of faith (fear of the Lord). But when we have a weak desire and don’t really believe the consequences of sin nor see ourselves in the correct light, we don’t have enough faith to cause us to do what is necessary to amend our ways. Then we won’t grow correctly towards sanctity. We will be guided by our own whimful desires and not God’s Law. Sure God can move some of our desires but most of the time our desires will be for sin (even if we don’t “see” ourselves sinning).

We must increase our faith and become firmly resolved to sin no more.

Some people will start our journey towards sanctity with just some desire and others will begin with a great desire. If we start with only some desire…we won’t have great success from a lack of God’s grace moving us, but we can at least begin the journey. Then after time, from the changes we make towards holiness, even if they are small, we will gain some more grace and grow in our desire, which can hopefully move us into obtaining a great desire.

It is just wonderful, if we can finally hear God calling out to us Repent, and believe in the gospel [enough to truly work hard to live it]” (Mark 1:15), accept His fantastic transforming grace and burn with excitement to become a saint. From that moment, our entire life will reform and quickly. But reality is most don’t have such a great yearning to change. Our moments are filled with wanting to become a saint. Or we have excitement for a moment but lose it quickly from our hearts not completely turning to God.

Some of us hear God calling us a little, and we move a little, which is good. But we need to grow in faith, so we will burn to live for God’s will and sanctify our souls. This is how we find the Path to Life.

Live the Faith

Gaining a great or true desire to change–a true hatred for our sins–is a quite a gift from God but most of us are sadly still rejecting it. It is quite hard to acquire such a desire, since we don’t really want to change. We say with our words we want it, but our hearts still really wants the sin.

Living the true faith is hard…unless we receive much grace. How many of us REALLY want to live for God’s will alone, truly stop our serious and habitual sins, leave the pleasures and attachments of this world, and choose the cross (live to suffer) to Love God by doing all for the salvation of our neighbors soul…like the true saints have done before us?

“Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself [of worldly pleasure], take up his cross [carry his cross without complaint but with joy], and follow me [love/stop sinning]. For whoever wishes to save his life [keep his friends, family, the finer things in life…things that we run to for pleasure] will lose it, but whoever loses his life [gives up all he seeks for happiness] for my sake and that of the gospel will save it. What profit is there for one to gain the whole world [to make life just the way one wants] and forfeit his [eternal] life?” (Mark 8:34-36)

Sadly, most have been deceived into thinking life is about making ourselves as comfortable and as happy as possible with the pleasures of the world, and we run from suffering–the cross. Many even become angry or complain when things don’t go the way we want. We don’t want to bear the cross according to God’s will for souls nor relent our will for God’s.

Truly, “every satisfaction offered to the senses, which is not for God’s honour and glory, must be renounced and rejected for the love of Jesus Christ…the absence of all pleasure must be striven after” (St. John of the Cross).

Horribly, most never live our faith, but because we don’t know what it is.

However, if God has blessed us now with knowledge of at least some understanding of The Way and feel we must one day live the true faith to be saved, we might be willing to work towards this goal. And if we have this much faith, wonderfully we can start growing towards a saving faith and becoming a saint.

“If a person is at the moment of death possessed a vicious [sinful] habit, his soul will descend into hell.”–St. John Vianney

We Need Punishment

Sadly for most, from our stubborn hard hearts, to acquire a great desire to change and love God, that will help us run from the world and find The Path of Life, we have to go through much suffering (punishment) until we finally cry out to God, and relent our will for His. Then we accept His grace and learn so we can change.

But tragically, many suffer and suffer and still never hear God calling out to them to repent and change…and their suffering is in vain. While there are some who hear–just not enough to move us into a great desire, and our change will still be slow and painful. But at least there is change…so there is hope.

“It was good for me to be afflicted, in order to learn your statutes” (Psalm 119:71).

Wonderfully, some saints acquired such a great desire–a true desire derived from a great hatred for their sins instantly upon hearing God’s call. They obtained perfect purification (a saving faith–complete forgiveness of their sins)–whether by suffering or otherwise–but we shouldn’t desire such a blessing as it is only given by God’s design not from our asking. We should, however, seek whatever is God’s will, wanting to grow in our contrition and desire one step at a time towards perfection.

Yet, obtaining at least some desire to sanctify ourselves is needed to begin to grow so we can one day obtain a true desire to accept God’s saving mercy for Eternal Life, so that is where we must start.

What Really Moves Us

Main reasons we finally soften our hearts and are moved enough to work wholeheartedly to repent and change is because we:

  • Became seriously sick and pondered if we died where we would spend eternity based on the life choices we have made.
  • Had someone we love die and saw how short life is and began to contemplate if we merited Heaven from our life choices.
  • Became in great need and wanted God’s help but we knew our little faith would receive little help because we understood God turned His face (we lost His help) from our willfully abandonment of the faith by choosing to live a life opposed to God’s commands.
  • Suffered an incredible cross in which we chose to turn to God for help, trusted in Him and found the truth.
  • Lost some of our blindness and obtained incite to some of our true misery (sinfulness) and saw how greatly sinful we really are which we needed to change if we were to one day truly love God and avoid Hell.
  • Gained knowledge of the true faith and came to understand we aren’t really saved by the little faith we do have..that we need to seek a saving faith.
  • Felt God’s love from His healing, help or by seeing His passion and death for us, etc. and we wanted to return His love by changing our life to truly love Him in return.
  • Grew in faith and began to see the incredible understanding, love and patience God has for us as He tries to show us the Way and finally realized we weren’t really living to love God above all nor to desire Him alone.
  • Saw the injury we are continuously causing God by our sinfulness and wanted to stop hurting the One we should be loving with all of our heart.

To become a true saint, we need to start with one of those reasons and begin to amend our life, and then have our fear of the Lord–fear of sin and its consequences–grow so our desire can become great and all we do is to perfectly love of God.

As we can see the first five reasons to repent and change are based upon fear of punishment and the last three are based on love of God.

Sadly, most don’t initialy take stopping our sinful ways seriously because of love for God, since we don’t have a strong enough of a relationship with God because of the very sins that we need to amend. You see, each sin pushes away God and His love, so until we amend many sins, we simply can’t have a truly loving relationship with Him. That is why we begin to amend out of fear of sin and its consequences against us (punishment) and not God.

We might feel somewhat sad about our sins because we don’t want to offend God to a certain degree, but we are far from having true contrition as our lack of amending our ways proves. Most of us need a great reason from God to move our souls out of laziness and turn to God for help so we can change our life to truly love Him (stop sinning). God moves most of our souls into wanting to change by suffering (the cross). But sadly most don’t even see God trying to awaken our souls through suffering. To Learn more please read “Will God Punish Me and Others for My Sins.”

Some people will need to suffer multiple crosses (many punishments) before we can loose our pride and strong will to really hear God calling us so to seek Him and take the risk and exert the effort to repent and change. But when we do finally hear, if we answer the call and continue to answer His call, and not fall lukewarm again and forget our calling, then we can proceed to Eternal Life.

“Thousands seek Him only when all else [in the world] has failed [to help or fill them with joy], and must be driven into the Arms which all day long are opened to welcome them with such ineffable tenderness.”

–Jesus to St. Gertrude the Great

Eyes On Jesus

If we are so blessed to be given a great desire to seek sanctity, then the steps to get there are oh, so easy to climb. It is miraculous how God is practically in control. Not that we don’t have to work or think but God’s grace is so fulfilling, we lose our desire for anything but Him so easily and quickly, and fly to His side.

Sins just fall off of us. It isn’t hard to amend them, God’s grace has made it practically effortless.

This unfathomable grace is kept and grows from striving to perfectly love/obey Him, knowing we are and know nothing and need God for everything. From our nothingness we allow God to take our hand and step by step guide us away from evil at the perfect pace for us. God will show us the first step, the next and continuously lead us safely to His Sacred Side as long as we can keep our eyes on Him.

“Let us rid ourselves of every burden and sin that clings to us and persevere in running the race that lies before us while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith” (Hebrews 12:1-2).

But if we allow our eyes to sway from Him wanting anything but to be perfect or if we want any attention, approval or anything from another that most incredible grace–that most wonderful gift in the world–we will reject…and for what? Absolutely nothing!

If we do have this incredible grace and burn to leave the world and sanctify our souls, trusting that God will teach and save us–if we we found the Path to Life–then we simply can’t take our eyes off of God. If we do but don’t notice the fall or don’t know how to recover the grace lost, we can lose it all.

Now, if we don’t have this unfathomable grace causing us to burn at all moments to become a saint, then we need to spend our days trying to obtain it. We might feel God and His Mother trying to move us but if we only take baby steps and never mature, we will never make it to the end and all of their an dour efforts will be in vain. pulling at us, This is done by removing our sins and praying like this, “Lord, I love You, but I still love myself (my will) too. Please give me a heart only wants You.”

No saint made it to perfection (not able to chose sin again) without letting go of their will and seeking to perfectly love God. This is The Way.

Today, I’m Going to Change

To become a saint, like I said there are mainly two ways to start…with some desire or a great desire. Whatever desire we have, we need to start by saying, “Today, I’m going to work to become a saint.” We must mean it, with our greatest desire we have…even if we don’t know how great our desire really is just yet.

This is going to be like accomplishing a diet. We will have good days and not so good days, but we are going to stop putting it off and actually do it. With God we can. Today is the day everything is going to change. Believe!

Of course if we fail to move today or don’t do so well with changing…repent and make the same commit tomorrow to seek perfection…if we fail tomorrow make a recommit again–persevere. But don’t keep on doing the same thing over and over again–still failing to change and expect a different outcome. Do something different in our actions/resolutions and in seeking God’s grace.

“The devil well knows that by obedience the salvation of our souls depends. This is why he tries so hard to prevent it.”

–St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church

Repeating the same failing effort, doing nothing to modify our behavior but yet expecting a different outcome is simply not smart. If we want a different result to our attempts to change, we need to modify our strategy until something works. Sure much of the time God wants us to be patient and learn. He will even withhold giving us grace that is due (from our humble prayers, works, etc.) allowing us to sin, so to learn, as the lesson is the greatest good in serving Him and moving towards Life. So look for the lesson.

But He doesn’t want us to sin, so if we continue to not learn and grow one step further away from the sin towards the Light, something is wrong. God has innumerable ways we can obtain His strength and there are a million ways we can do things differently too. To learn different ways to obtain God’s grace please read, “What is God’s Grace and How Can I Obtain It.”

The Beginning

We first want to find the Path of Life–the bridge to Heaven–Jesus. This path is obscure and few even get to the path never mind walk on it with Christ towards Heaven.

“The path leading to Heaven is so narrow and so rough, so overgrown, so dark and difficult to discern, that there are many who never find it their whole life long. And those who do find it are constantly exposed to the danger of deviating from it, of mistaking their way, and unwittingly wandering away from it, because it is so irregular and overgrown.”

–St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church

But this needs to be our first long term goal, with the final goal of perfection.

The reason we can’t find the path to Heaven is that we have allowed so much love of sin and desire for worldly pleasures to block our view of God (The Path), who wants to hold our hands and guide us, in perfect trusting peace, up to Heaven. But so very sadly, most don’t allow Him or fall off the path from not staying vigilant in our efforts.

Wonderfully with God’s grace, we can look carefully into ourselves to gain self-knowledge–knowledge of our sinfulness–modify our life and find this Path.

God the Father told St. Catherine of Siena just how we do this, “On the first step [towards the Bridge to Heaven], then lifting her [our] feet from the affections of the earth [removing all desire for created things/pleasures], the soul strips herself of vice [everything that keeps her from God]; on the second she fills herself with love [from gaining a hatred for sin and seeing God’s love; then wanting Him] and virtue [gaining Christ like qualities]; and on the third [from her now great trust] she tastes peace [doesn’t worry about anything God allows to happen but truly trusts in Him to bring her to a saving faith through all that He allows to happen.].”

After we remove our desire for the world, we will finally wonderfully trust in all that God allows as guiding us into gaining a true hatred for sin so we can learn, grow and obtain a saving faith…then sanctity and then perfection will follow as God wills.

“The aim of all my advice to you in this book [“The Way of Perfection”] is that we should surrender ourselves wholly to the Creator, place our will in His hands and detach ourselves from the creatures.”

–St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church

To begin to change to obtain this goal, we need to first take an inventory of our life…looking at what we are doing right and most importantly what we are doing wrong because we are going to have to purge all of the wrong things we do from our life–and follow the Purgative Way, which is the Way we must travel if we are to walk in the Way of Perfection. Then we are to increase the right things we do–what is best for us today at our current stage in the faith–until we are perfect.

What is Opposed to God

Before we seek to increase what is right, lets look at what opposes the object of our love–God–what we need to change or improve so we can begin to grow.

“[When] a man hates whatever is opposed to the object of his love, is the effect of love.”

–St. Aquinas, Doctor of the Church

We prove our true love for God when we hate what keeps us from loving Him.

What do we see that we do or don’t do which keeps us from perfectly loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength?

Step One

Make three lists…one of our obvious sins and one of the non-sinful things we do that isn’t to know, serve or love God and one of the things we should do to truly follow Christ but don’t.

SinsThings I do that don’t love GodThings I don’t do that I should to love God
impatientwatch footballpray in the morning
lazy not doing my responsibilities wellbuying stuff I don’t needgo to daily Mass
impatientwatch footballpray in the morning
lazy not doing my responsibilities wellbuying stuff I don’t needgo to daily Mass

We all know sin keeps us from God. We know we love God when we serve Him and do things for His honor and glory. But do we know we love and serve ourselves when we do things for our self pleasure? We need to remove all we do for self enjoyment and do all for the love of God through loving our neighbor.

Sure we need to always be removing sin, but to become a saint or to even find the Path of Life, we must first reject all created things (with our whole heart not want anything of the world but God) so one day we can truly hate all sin and desire God alone. This isn’t the end (maturity) of faith, but just the beginning. We must surrender our longing for our next great meal, getting our nails done,

If we could write down all of our sins and all of the things we do that don’t love God (our less obvious sins), and rid them from our lives, and replace them with everything we should be doing, we would perfectly love Our Creator.

Our goal is to come to know more and more sins and desires we have that don’t love God so one day we can remove everything that keeps us from the object of our desire–God. This is how we can become a saint.

To obtain the goal of becoming “perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect” (at least as well as us mere humans can obtain), we need to seek to do this by improving three areas of our life as God has commanded.

In order to one day truly love God, we must improve in the following areas:

  • Obedience–to one day perfectly obey God/stop sinning (Hebrews 5:9)
  • Prayer–to one day pray unceasingly (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
  • Works–to one day serve God with all our hearts (1 Samuel 12:24)

When we do this correctly, we will be living God’s will and loving Him perfectly. Lets learn how to change our lives so we can love God in every thought, word and deed.

When our minds are correctly seeking perfection, we will always seek God’s will by:

  • Starting our day with prayer and trying to stay in prayer throughout our day so God is in control;
  • Sticking to our specific times of day that we need to pray;
  • Trying with all of our ability to not sin;
  • Avoiding everything that leads us into sin;
  • Working specifically on removing one habitual sin daily, until it is gone aiming towards perfection;
  • Removing one by one everything we do that doesn’t love God;
  • Constantly examining our conscience (being aware of our actions), repenting when wrong is noticed asking God to teach us how to not commit that sin again;
  • Always taking the time daily to thoroughly examine our thoughts, words and deeds to see where we failed to love how Jesus loves and develop real plans on how to not commit any sinful act again;
  • Stopping before we do anything and consulting God praying, “Lord, what do You want me to do?”
  • Never putting off what we should do–procrastinate–and do what we like first, but do all according to God’s priorities;
  • Loving our difficult tasks, even choosing the hard way (when appropriate), as a beautiful cross for the salvation of souls;
  • Focusing our minds on doing every task the best we can for the love of God wanting no consolations from man;
  • Running from the pleasures of the world, looking for a way we can sacrifice in everything we do. Seeking to follow Christ and reject the pleasure and choosing the cross so to suffer and sacrifice to console God for all of the atrocities committed against Him and send grace for the salvation of souls;
  • Relenting our will, when something bad or against our will occurs–knowing it isn’t truly good (God’s plan) and turn to God with a trusting heart saying, “Ok, Lord, Thy will be done…teach me Your blessed ways.” as we offer up our suffering in union with God in atonement for our sins and the sin of the world, learning, changing and growing towards becoming the image of Christ.

These things done perfectly make us a perfect saint. However, we can’t do them perfectly at first, like I said, we must start from the beginning.

Step Two

Now we have a basic list of our sins–at least what we can see for now–this will be our first guide…what we need to work on

Obedience: Prayer and obedience are so strongly linked it can be hard to see which one comes first in the progression towards sanctity. But once God gives us a real desire to stop sinning–the pursuit to perfectly obey begins. This pursuit is assisted by prayer. Without prayer and obedience working together growth in true obedience can’t be achieved.

I’m not going to speak too much about specifically how to stop our sins because I go into depth about this in the article “How to Stop Sinning” but constantly striving to not sin is most necessary. We must transform our minds into seeing we desire so greatly to stop every mortal and venial sin that we accept God’s unfathomable grace and sin no more.

“The first stone of this foundation [towards correct faith development] must be a good conscience [free from serious sin] and that you must make every effort to free yoursleves from even venial sins and follow the greatest possible perfection.” 

–St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church

what God wants us to do at any moment since true obedience is not just removing the easily noticed sins like impatience, it is seeking we do everything according to God’s will—His priorities.

However, obedience to God is much more than just stopping the wrong we are doing as most people understand.

Actually obedience to God is BECOMING LIKE CHRIST. “Be imitators of God, as beloved children” (Ephesians 5:1). We need to learn how to imitate the One we are supposed to be following to Heaven. We are to remove the bad and increase the good until we follow Christ so well, we become perfect like Christ. 

From the beginning of time God has told us to, “keep the commandments of the Lord, your God, by walking in his ways and fearing him” (Deuteronomy 8:6).

Today, it is easy to learn what God’s ways are because Jesus left Heaven and gave us His example.

“I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do” (John 13:15).

Therefore, to become like Christ, we must learn how to love one another. As I [Jesus] have loved you, so you also should love one another”

How did Christ love us? He loved us by:

  • leaving everything of pleasure to become a suffering servant, obedient to the Father, to teach, strengthen and guide us to Heaven so if we believe in Him enough to follow Him, we can embrace His sanctifying (saving) grace He died to give us.

“Wicked before God, [are those] whose affections are set on the things of this world.”

–St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church

To follow Christ and become like Him, our hearts must be drawn to Him and to do this of course we need to stop the wrong things we do and chose to do the things Christ would do. But we can’t do that very well if we don’t fully understand what is right or wrong…what God wills us to do and what He doesn’t. Therefore, to obey Christ and follow Him we first must learn the Way

Learning the true Way is something that comes with time, as we soften our hard hearts and allow God’s grace to enlightens us. We can go to school and study the Bible and the lives of the saints and sadly, if we have much pride, we still might not know The Way nor how to seek it in our life, especially if we were being taught incorrectly. This softening of our hearts–that enlightens us to the True Way–comes from correct humble prayer and repentance.

So, even if we don’t truly understand The Way, if we want to become a saint, the very first step with seeking to perfectly obey is to look into our life and see what sins God has enlightened us to. Then we are to go to God in confession and repent of them (tell God we are sorry) and work to stop committing them.

“Contrition and confession are the first way of conversion to God.”

–Jesus to St. Bridget of Sweden

We don’t need to have great awareness of our sinfulness to begin to stop sinning, if we just seek to stop what we can see, God will give us much grace to help us see more and more sins with each sin we remove. After we confess the sins we can see and come up with a plan on how to not commit them again as our first confession towards the goal of becoming a perfect saint…then after we learn how to examine our conscience better God will reveal more that sins we must work towards amending. To learn how to do this please read “How Can I Make a Good Confession.”

But if we don’t sincerely work to amend the sins we can see, we will have meet our stumbling block and won’t grow in much enlightenment of our other sins we love (habitually desire)…and we will wind up only confessing the same sins over and over again, not changing, from lacking much grace, because of our lack of true contrition.

It is just horrible when we

Prayer: Like I said, prayer and changing towards perfectly obeying God work together. We communicate with God through prayer. We talk and listen. This is how we come to know Him and His Way. Prayer is the powerhouse of the saint. If we want the knowledge and strength to do all that is necessary to become a true self-sacrificing peacefilled saint then we need to become a person of great prayer.

Some people, who want to become a saint, make the mistake of first starting the journey with performing a great fast or doing some great sacrifice to help them towards sanctity since they see saints doing those things. But that isn’t the Way, and it won’t bring true fruits of righteousness–we won’t grow in virtue (qualities of goodness).

The saints didn’t start with great fasts or sacrifices; we shouldn’t either. Please don’t do that. Start small and simple…like a little child who doesn’t know the Way…because we don’t. Be humble, know where we really are in our faith. Lets learn and grow in grace so God can one day do the great fasts and sacrifices through us for the salvation of souls.

The first thing we must do, to grow towards sanctity, outside of working to amend our sins, is gain the correct PRAYER life. That will help everything especially with contrition and confession.

But we must know, if we pray any prayer from the smallest prayer to endless prayers, if we pray with our hearts full of much pride, those prayers will have little if any benefit. We can think God is answering our prayers and sending grace (help) but that will only be our wishful thinking. “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). Please don’t be deceived. We need humility…even a moment of humility during prayer can make all of the difference. We must learn how to at least pray humbly, therefore please read, “How to Pray Humbly” to learn more. 

Prayer is a way we perform our ACTS of love for God. We do this when we Adore God through our prayers, tell God how Contrite–sorrowful–we are for our sins, Thank God for everything–the good and especially the bad (the cross), and run to God for help through Supplication–begging Him for Grace–to learn and become strengthened so we and others can sin no more. 

Therefore, when we pray, we want to include all of these ACTS to properly love God. Some make a mistake and only pray asking God for help, but God deserves so much more.

In order to one day pray unceasingly, we will need to include dedicated, casual and united prayer into our day.

Dedicated Prayer: stopping what we are doing to pray at specific scheduled times.

  • The Holy Mass (the greatest prayer–all of our ACTS are performed in that one prayer)
  • Reading the Word (schedule a special time to hear God speaking to us)
  • Office of Readings (scheduled ancient Biblical Readings)
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (scheduled time visit with God’s real presence in the Holy Eucharist)
  • Pray the Rosary at a specific time
  • 3:00pm Holy Hour of Great Mercy
  • Pray the Angelus at its specified times
  • Pray the Stations of the Cross (at a certain time)
  • Meditate or Contemplate (scheduled mental prayer)
  • Scheduled Prayer (devotions, song or any prayer)

Casual Prayer: praying when possible throughout our day.

  • Praying any of the above prayers outside of a specific schedule (when there is free time)
  • Montra (repeating a word or phrase to stay in God’s presence)
  • Talking/listening to God seeking His will (not the same as thinking of God…which isn’t prayer)

Union prayer: praying in our desires and actions making them to love God

If we learn how to do this well, we will be praying unceasingly–which is the goal.

Dedicated Prayer: To begin to develop a correct prayer life, we first need make sure we have “dedicated” prayer time in our day. If we pray only when it is convenient, we don’t put God or prayer first.

Dedicated prayer is vital to our spiritual growth. It will help us grow in discipline and our schedule will be what we run to when our heart doesn’t yet burn to pray (when we aren’t yet driven by faith)–so when life gets busy or our desire isn’t to pray–from discipline–we will still pray, as is necessary to grow in faith. 

Without dedicated (scheduled) prayer time, we will be undisciplined like a leaf blowing in the wind that goes about and does whatever the wind determines us to do and if the wind doesn’t blow us towards the Way, our desires won’t be to pray, then we won’t. When the wind stops all together, we will fall and perhaps into mucky water and drown. 

We must stand fast during the storm and have discipline so when the devil tempts us with something other than prayer and our hearts are being pulled in a different way, we will still make sure we always keep our prayer time. Unless it is absolutely impossible and truly not the greatest good because obedience or charity tells us otherwise, our prayer times must be kept–but even if we must differ to a greater good, we are to always make up our prayers later (unless we must pray in another way)…because a missed prayer is missed grace. We certainly don’t want to digress in our spiritual missed prayer can do much harm and lead us closer to a lukewarm life. We need it all to grow and stay on our current step…or we can easily slip from our steps and fall.

Our prayer life will progress…from just having some dedicated prayer into having hours of dedicated prayer within our day. With time–from accepting God’s grace–we increase our prayers with one prayer at a time. Then our prayer time won’t be a burden or difficult anymore, but it will become a craving and a love. But at first, for most, it is hard to pray…but don’t worry, God will make it easy…if we persist.

Everyone’s First prayer

The Mass is the greatest form of prayer. Fantastic grace is sent during the celebration. We, who make up the Body of Christ–the people, are supposed to be uniting in prayer to God, praying every word we and the priest say during the Mass. Learning the beauty of the Mass–this marvel of God’s love which He gave us at the Last Supper–will improve our understanding of this great gift and give us a greater desire to pray. I explain the Mass in the book “Out of Darkness and into the Light.”

Even if we only pray during the Mass, learning how to pray well takes time. At first it might seem like we are just being a parrot and repeating words after another, but if we want to change, our words can take up real meaning and then our entire body will feel the difference when we truly “pray” to God…it won’t be just saying words any more, it will really be uniting our minds, hearts and desires with God and hearing Him in return…as I explain in the same above book as well.

However, too begin praying, we first need to start with attending Mass. God commands us to go to church on Sunday (cf. Exodus 20:8-11). If we don’t go to Mass on Sunday, and if we want to become a saint, obviously we need to go. If we work on Sunday, we need to make some life changes to see we do this (the Church offers a Saturday Mass that is considered the same as Sunday-a vigil).

If we like to sleep in, we need to surrender our sleep to work towards our goal of Eternal Life and at least attend Sunday Mass as a first step if we don’t all ready attend. If we love sleep more than obeying God, we will choose eternal torment for what?…rest? There is NO REST in Hell…only an eternity of tormented exhaustion. Our life of being a sloth must end.

The Catholic Church–the only church Christ founded–is so wonderful, not only does it offer Sunday Mass with the traditions passed down from the apostles of Christ, it also has God’s actual Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity being transubstantiated (made from bread and wine into Christ Himself) for us to eat and Live. But, not only that, it also offers this same miracle on weekdays too so to fulfill the request of the “Lord’s Prayer” –give us this day our daily bread. Yes, the Church offers a daily Mass. It is half as long as Sunday Mass (doesn’t have the music) but it still offers incredible grace, for those who are truly seeking to become a saint.

If there is anyway we can attend daily Mass, every day or more than once a week, even if we haven’t been attending Sunday Mass, we should start right away or very soon after we begin attending Sunday Mass. We need to change our life to attend daily Mass, as God give us His Church and many wonderful sacraments to help save our souls…we need to utilize His assistance. We want to make this happen.

There is so much strength for just attending the Mass alone and even more when we receive Holy Communion. Of course there are requirements to receive Holy Communion worthily–like attending the sacrament of reconciliation–please learn what they are first in the article “What sins can I commit and still receive Holy Communion?”

But watch out for the devil trying to give us excuses as to why we can’t attend. If there is a will, much of the time there is a way. We need God’s grace. Lets find a way.

For example: if we are a mom, wake up our kids early. Take them to Mass with before school, if it is available…our children will adjust. If their school was going to start earlier, we would make that happen, so change our day to make Mass happen. What is more important, Mass or sleep (put them to bed earlier). No excuses, we can do this, if we want. If we are home schooling, there is really no excuse…except laziness and wrong priorities. We must seek God for strength to stop being lazy and get our priorities in proper order. Eternity is everything.

But we must know, if we have a weak desire to become a saint–not enough desire to move us to change–we shouldn’t receive Holy Communion unworthily into a soul that doesn’t even have enough will to work towards sinning no more as is also explained in the article “What sins can I commit and still receive Holy Communion?”

On top of attending Mass, there are other prayers we need to pray…starting with the smallest prayer of just 30 second prayer and working up to about 4 hours of dedicated or casual prayer in our day (that is the goal). This will vary from one person to another depending upon the works God has us doing. But we can make 4 hours our general goal.

Don’t make the mistake and expect to obtain this goal quickly or we will fall greatly unless we are in a religious order and are around others we are accountable too as they can motivate us to pray. However, if we are self-motivated this will take time especially if we lack much grace and discipline.

But don’t ever convince ourselves we can’t do this either…even a person with the busiest schedule, who wears a billion hats all day, doing many jobs, can. We will be amazed to see just how many minutes that grow into hours in which we waste everyday even when we think we are being very productive. Just wait…I will show us. We will be shocked by all the time that is lost, which we can regain.

Please don’t doubt, with God all things are possible; we can become a person of great prayer. And when we live this life of prayer, we will become more productive than ever…as God and His perfect will (the perfect order which we need to be most productive) will be guiding us. So if we think we are productive now…just wait to see what God can do when we live for His will through prayer. Wow!

So please don’t fall into the trap and say we are too busy to pray, as the devil has convinced many of us of this lie. Truly, if we went to the doctor and we were told in order to live we needed to spend 30 mins. a day using a breathing apparatus to give us medicine into our lungs or they would collapse and we would die, do we think we would find 30mins in our day to give us the medicine we needed? Of course! Because if we really believe the doctor, we will do what is necessary to live.

The same is with prayer, if we really believe we need to pray unceasingly (obey God’s Word), for God’s constant strength (grace) to obtain Eternal Life, we will do what is necessary to see we accomplish that goal. How much we are willing and able to pray today, will depend upon how much we truly believe we need too (our desire) and from God’s grace (our strength). But we will always start small.

I’m not going to suggest if we don’t pray, we even try to pray for 30mins straight, as I know our desire, from a lack of grace, is still too weak for most for such a large goal. Prayer is hard for many. If we don’t pray, start with Mass and then read the Word (as a prayer).

The Word: Yes, reading the Word is a form of prayer too. That is God speaking directly to us. We will hear God only if we want to. So when we read God’s Word, read wanting to know what God is telling us…what is the next step–what we need to amend in our life to truly follow Him. That is what God’s Word is, our directions to His Sacred Side.

I don’t suggest we read the Bible like a “book.” We want to make reading God’s Word a prayer so don’t read much in one sitting. Listen much, read little. I also, don’t suggest we start with reading the Old Testament but with the New Testament and to save “Revelations” for the end as that is the most veiled (hard to read and understand) part of the Word.

I suggest we close our eyes, ask God to guide us to what He wants to teach us and randomly pick something to read. Just read a small paragraph and then stop or we can read the Bible Readings which are part of today’s Mass readings. But those can be a bit too much to read and meditate upon…so please pick just one passage to start.

Then after we read, look into our life to see what we need to do to live it fully (perfectly) with every though, word and deed. When we see our failure to perfectly live that Word at all moments with every person, no matter what is happening or how we are being treated, repent to God directly. Then write that sinful behavior down in a notebook, which we will be keeping of our sinfulness.

This log of our sins is a most valuable blessing especially if we don’t have a fantastic memory. The benefit of writing down our sins is great. When we write our sins it helps us to remember what we need to amend and what to confess. Please keep a book with us always. Then if we catch ourselves sinning or recognize a sin, we can write down our sin (especially if we are prone to forget) and later, when we have the time, we can go back and read our sins and come up with a real resolution on what we need to do to amend them. This will help us begin to see our sinfulness and know how to change. We can learn more in the article “How to Confess Well.”

Casual Prayer

When people are trying to be kind to us, many people tell us that they are thinking of us? That’s a nice thought but what good does thinking of us really do for us. Does God send His grace to us or anyone every time we think of someone? No. Our thoughts of people don’t empower God’s mercy.

Many people are worried about someone and are constantly thinking about them, but they never actually pray a single prayer to God for that person. Tragic! Does one thought or worry do any good? No! We need to trust in God and call upon God’s power to help them, which comes from prayer.

It is just the same with “thinking of God.” I have had people tell me they think of God all of the time. That’s nice too, but what good does that really do? Sure it might get us to think before we do something wrong–like a child could have if they think of their parent and their punishments they would have if they did wrong or maybe even empower us to not want to hurt the one we love by sin (like any person of faith or not would for the one they love). Plus, it might even prompt us to pray. But thinking of God isn’t praying to God. Yet, many people interpret that as prayer, and think they are praying but it isn’t.

We need to be “praying” to God to come to know, serve and love Him well. How are we going to know anyone, if we don’t talk with them. And we talk to God when we pray. All of the nice thoughts and intentions don’t change the fact that many of us aren’t really praying. So many have never prayed a single prayer, and are without the true help God wants to give us.

Of course some thoughts are true meditations on God and His mysteries which are prayers (seeking to know and love God). But few know how to meditate. We need to learn how to really pray. We need to be careful and not just think of God or rattle off some written prayer, or say some words/thoughts to God or sing a religious song and think we are praying, because much of the time we aren’t. We need to learn how to mean every word/thought and give it to God. We need to learn how to pray.

Prayer in our Desires

Habitual Sin

When God first consumes us with His grace and gives us such an incredible desire to stop sinning, we will think we want nothing but God and His will, every moment we will be looking out to avoid sins and for what is God’s will, but sadly, we will still desire sin.

Our heart will be so inflamed with desire to change and from God’s enlightening grace, we will now see many sins we still desire. We will be horribly humbled. We will come to see God’s great love…what patience and tolerance He has for us greatly sinful creatures, who claim we love Him but still love sin.

Our heart will be pulled…we will now be a slave of God and have a desire far above any desire we have ever had in our life to stop sinning and live for Him–but we will still live in sin.

During this next step, God will teach us how to relent our desire for sin, one sin at a time, so we can one day desire God alone.

“You think it very hard to lead a life of such restraint [seeking perfectly God’s will] unless you keep your eye of faith always open. Perseverance is a great grace. To go on gaining and advancing every day, we must be resolute, and bear and suffer as our blessed forerunners did. Which of them gained heaven without a struggle?”

–St. Elizabeth Ann Seton 


There are a jillion books out there to help us find happiness. People spend our lives looking for happiness and of course only God can satisfy all of our longings. Sure we need to understand this to even begin to leave the world and grow in faith. To learn more please read, “How to Reject the Word and Live for God alone.” But if we only change because we are looking for happiness, we will never become a saint. That is still a desire only for those in the beginning of one’s faith. We must grow.

We have become so indoctrinated with the lie, we don’t know the truth from a lie anymore. Life isn’t about finding happiness with God or anything else…it is about PLEASING GOD–making God happy. Sure God does fill us with unspeakable happiness when we give our lives to Him and that is an initial motivator for us to turn to Him, but if we continue to seek God to make us happy and don’t leave that mind set, we won’t find sanctity or Eternal Life.

People spend our lives looking into why we aren’t happy so to find a solution and sure there are real reasons why we are so unhappy and fail to grow, and we need to know what they are so we can change as a first step

But to grow towards a saving faith, once we figure out the world (money, things, pleasure, success, friends, relaxation, praise, etc.) isn’t going to make us truly happy…that seeking only our will (either with sin, or by doing what comes easy or what is without suffering) isn’t The Way either, and we learn God’s will is the only Way to Christ’s Sacred Side, then we need to stop trying to find happiness with God and start trying to make God happy. 

Until we surrender all of our wants and grow into a person that only wants God’s will–so to please Him–we will never grow to sanctity and only seek God for our benefit not to truly love Him. We will still love ourselves over God.

If we want to become sanctified, we need to stop everything we do that is for our own personal happiness. Sure everyone wants to be happy and that is why most people join the faith, as we are hoping our faith brings us happiness today and for eternity. And it will. But after a person figures out why we aren’t happy, and wants to grow towards true sanctity–perfection–we need to spend our day trying to figure out how we can Love God perfectly so to not offend Him.

A saint does nothing for their own personal happiness.  

What is God’s Will

God will us to obey Him. But most are very confused as to what that is. How can we follow Christ to Heaven, if we don’t even know what true obedience is? To learn more please read “What is God’s will.” However simply put, we just need to look into our life and see what we are doing that a saint or Jesus wouldn’t do. Then change.

The saints and Christ chose to live life by Way of the Cross. Which means they intentionally denied themselves of the things they loved to carry crosses which sends grace (helps others) for the salvation of souls. This is what we must do. 

Guidance From Others

Having someone guide us, having someone who we can be accountable and obedient towards, is a wonderful gift from God and can greatly assist in easing our progression towards sanctity. Finding the path of Life while being completely self-directed is horribly challenging and not something we intentionally want to chose.

If we are already in the hard way of life seeking sanctity, we might really want the help. However, especially today, this gift of having a Holy Spirit enlightened spiritual director is only for very few. We must relent to God’s will.

So few know the true Way and have learned how to sanctity ourselves through our own life experiences. How can someone guide us on how to climb in the faith from infancy in the faith into a mature saving faith if the person who is guiding us hasn’t learned how to climb themselves? They wouldn’t make a very good guide.

If we seek spiritual direction from another, who we intend to perfectly obey (as we should if they are going to be our personal spiritual director), it needs to be from someone who can direct us correctly because they have succeeded in growing and changing and are continuing to grow and change towards the goal of perfection. Because even when someone means well, they simply won’t have the grace nor experience to guide us correctly if they haven’t experienced God’s transforming love changing them towards becoming saints. Some wrong direction can be devastating and greatly harm our progress towards the Light. But even if that occurs God can make anything bad into good as there is a wonderful lesson and growth in all that is allowed.

Where to Live

The saints left all to follow Christ. We need to ask ourselves if leaving all for us includes moving somewhere different. If we are single we can choose to join a religious order and leave our possessions, bad relations and lack of help behind. But if we are married, we still need to look carefully to see if where we are living is going to help promote the salvation of our families’ souls. That is why we have a family, to help each other obtain sanctity.

Many of us live in areas that are so worldly and darkened to The Way that even the faithful don’t know they are following the wrong path. The Church offers little help. Confession is hardly held (just once a week) and if we work or have other obligations during that time it makes it virtually impossible to frequent confession even just once a week. If the priest isn’t supportive making an appointment to attend confession isn’t possible either.

Plus, there may be no spiritual guidance to The True Way, and as a result our progress towards salvation is even harder. This lack of support, if we stay against God’s will, very well can mean our doom. We need to take this seriously as the harder the path we take to obtain sanctity…the harder it will be to get there. And the road with no support is diffidently a hard path. But if it is God’s will, then He will provide.

However, for some, our unwillingness to change is the problem, since change is hard. Some of us simply aren’t strong enough with personal discipline to obtain enough grace without the magnificent blessing that come from frequenting the sacraments, nor self-motivated enough to run the race with no motivation/guidance. If that is the case then living in an area that is suffering from much darkness, against God’s will, could mean eternal ruin.

I’m not necessarily saying that the grass is greener somewhere else, nor that God will’s us to move, but we need to pray and seriously look to see if where we are living is what is best for obtaining Eternal Life. Some Churches provide confession everyday before daily Mass, during some evenings and on the weekends. Plus, not all preaching is the same, some are diffidently more in line with encouraging the people through wonderful fear of the Lord to the true Way, giving us a real reason to change, than others.

If eternity is everything, we need to put where we live into proper perspective and not make our job (we can get another), friends or any attachment more important than doing what is necessary to sanctify ourselves. We need to seek what is God’s will.

The Body

If we find ourselves filled with self-pity that there is nobody to help save our souls. If after we looked for someone who can understand and has sacrificial charity to help, and found no one, and we are now angered at the Church for not preaching the truth nor providing the sacraments conveniently for the people, nor guidance to Life, something is wrong. And if this is the reason we want to move and find somewhere else to live, then I promise you, we aren’t being guided by the correct light.

As I said before, we must be very careful to discern our desires correctly and make sure they are of LOVE FOR OUR NEIGHBOR as “no one should seek his own advantage, but that of his neighbor” (1 Corinthians 10:24)  and to preseve the unity of the Church–not love of ourselves–to see if we are being guided by God or the very cunning evil one.

“With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another through love, striving to preserve the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:2-3).

We are all one body in Christ, and we are to care for each other (do what is best for each others’ salvation). If one part of the body is sick, we go to the doctor for healing (pray for him). Sure the entire body will suffer if one is ill, but we are to tolerate that illness (carry our cross) and pray for each other’s recovery however long the Lord wills. This is imitating Christ. The body of Christ is to stay united for better or worse helping each other over come their illness.

But the devil doesn’t want us to love, understand or patiently tolerate the sins of others–“bearing with one another through love” (Ephesians 4:2)— as we suffer from their sins. Yes, we will suffer from the misguidance and neglect of others, but that is God’s will.

From our pride, the devil will take our anger or self-pity driven motives, and make what we want to do sound like it is good–truth and justice. He will intermingle bad in with good trying to make everything we desire appear to be upstanding when it is quite rooted in sin. We must be alert. The devil won’t need to make us into athiests to own us; all he needs to do is get us to act outside of true love and we serve him…under the facade, much of the time, of us being righteous. Sure we need to save our souls, but that is done by patiently carrying our crosses for love of our neighbor.

A lot of people want to say anger is justifiable as we become enraged at the wrongs of another, but I tell you once God’s grace greatly enters into us and true forgiveness fills us, we simply won’t have anger over the horrible atrocities of others anymore. We will be filled with such sadness and pity for them, there won’t be a breath of anger…not the smallest thought.

I’m not talking about, if, lets say, we are a parent, and we, who are in charge of raising our children to obey, intentionally act angry (a controlled disciplinary anger) at the wrong choices our children make so to put fear into them so they will change.

I’m speaking about we–who great sinners ourselves–should never become angered at anyone, no matter what sin they have committed. We should understand their great lack of grace and inability to do good and beg God to have mercy upon them (help them). If we are called to seek true justice, as earthly consequences much of the time are very good and needed for conversion, it is only to be done with a heart that seeks the salvation of another’s soul. 

If God does call us to the terribly hard task of helping someone see the error of their ways in our words, it should only be done in the most private of means so to not slander or humiliate another with a heart dripping of love for them. And if we are to say a word (oral or written) and our heart isn’t full of love, truly wanting to convert, and we are brewing over our injuries (lack true forgiveness), we will speak from sin perhaps in a degrading or mocking tone not from a heart that truly wants to enlighten for the salvation of their soul. Our pride will ruin it all. Therefore, we must be silent.

If someone’s crime does become public, we should encourage others to understand their lack of grace and pray for the sinner’s soul looking into our own failure to love (what more we could have done so the body could have received more grace) so we can change and become a better servant to them. We are to never spread the sins of others…that isn’t news we need to know; that is slander and if we do we’re a gossip.

Unless we are talking about how we can help someone or the Church, we should be silent. But beware if we do speak of the sin of another, because we feel it is necessary, that is when the devil mostly traps us from our pride. Also if we do speak, it should never be done in an angry or negative tone…just a tone of love and pity…not approving of the sin but understanding the horrible state someone lives in when we lack so much grace. If we don’t have a heart of true love for our neighbor–especially the one’s who appear the most sinful amoung us–we must be silent until God gives us one.

 “Let us instantly renounce in affection the goods of this earth, before death strips us of them by force…happy they who at death are already dead to all attachments to this world.”–St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church

“Ask those who love Him with a true love, and they will tell you that in the sorrows of their live their sweetest and truest consolation is to converse lovingly with God” –St. Alphonsus, Doctor of the Church

“Penance, considered in itself, has the power to bring all defects back to perfection, and even to advance man to a higher state” St. Thomas Aquanis