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With your “YES LORD,” God can use you to go out into the world or even right where you live to save souls.
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Strive to be like St. Anthony Mary Claret, “The thought of eternal torments impressed me profoundly…that this thought of eternity has made, makes and will always make me labor while I live for the conversion of sinners, by means of preaching, hearing confessions, writing books, distributing holy cards and religious booklets, and by holding familiar and pious [holy] conversations, etc….I cannot see a misfortune or a misery without trying to alleviate it…

How can I rest
 when so many are to be seen living continually in mortal sin and rushing in this blind manner to their eternal destruction? No indeed, I cannot rest, but must needs run and shout a warning to them. If I saw anyone about to fall into a pit or a fire, would I not run up to him and warm him, and do all in my power to help him from falling in? Why should I not do this much to keep sinners from falling into the pit and fires of Hell?”

lifting our values

Lifting Our Values is a 501 c 3 non-profit origination doing business under “For the Love of God, Inc.”

Lifting Our Values strongly hears the call from God to save souls by going into the world and proclaiming the Gospel with the true Words of Everlasting Life so God can use us to bring knowledge of how to obtain salvation to His children. We must do more!

This web site and all of Lifting Our Values materials that we provide offers nothing new that the wonderful saints, the Holy Catechism or the Blessed Word hasn’t already said. The problem is, most aren’t hearing the saints, the Catechism or the Word correctly. Therefore to fill the need, Lifting Our Values offers a clearer, easier to understand, style of writing so the majority, if they have God’s grace to hear at all, will hear and run to God’s mercy and change before it is too late.

Lifting Our Values sees the great need to go into the world and proclaim the real, clear, Words of everlasting life that will inspire others to change their entire life and give it all to living for Christ.

Tragically, the true way to Salvation is practically lost even among Christians today. Therefore, to truly save God’s children, we need people like you, who have ears that can hear, to spread our web site and materials so God can use you to save the souls of His children that He longs to spend eternity with.

If we perform charity to benefit others earthly needs, but ignore their eternal/spiritual needs, are we really doing what Jesus has done? 

We can be doing great earthly works, showing much love to others, and caring for their incredible earthly needs, but what does it matter if in the end, when their hour comes, they still don’t know how to save their souls and reject Christ’s saving mercy? All will be lost. Have we really loved them? No. They will have an ETERNITY of great anguish because nobody loved them enough to teach them the real Way to Eternal Life. This is the least we can do. This is our Christian duty. 

God will reward us for obeying and serving Him. We can’t force someone to hear that is up to them and God, but we can at least do our part and give them the clear truth as to what it takes to truly love God, hate sin and embrace His saving grace. This is what God expects of us. It is easy to incorporate Lifting Our Values materials in any works of love we do for God so our work’s of mercy can be complete and truly driven out of real love (concern for one’s salvation).

But, the devil wants us distracted and focused on all sorts of other things making them the first priority, but if we aren’t preaching the Gospel that saves to all, in whatever work we do, and our main goal isn’t the salvation of souls driving those works, we are failing God who is counting on us to be His disciples and save His Children.

Lifting Our Values’ purpose is to provide all of God’s disciples, who wish to serve God and save souls, with the knowledge and materials needed to PREACH THE TRUE WORDS OF EVERLASTING LIFE so all people can know what is really needed to be saved. There is nothing of greater importance. We don’t have to know the Way well enough to preach with our own words, Lifting Our Values’ materials will preach for you. Truly in life, if we don’t know how to save our souls, nothing else really matters. 

Our priorities must be in order. We must “seek first the kingdom [of God]” (Matthew 6:33). Eternity is forever. With Lifting Our Values products and web-sites, we can go out into the world and inspire and educate those, who have ears to hear–in what ever ministry God has us serving Him–and deliver our clear, easy to understand, materials to who ever we are ministering too so God’s children may hear Him calling them to repent and change their entire life to live for Him alone. That way we can grow to truly love Him and obtain true sorrow for all of our sins so to embrace His saving grace in this life and have real joy today and for all eternity.

Tragically, most of God’s children–even among Christians–have never been shown/taught the true Way to Eternal Life. God loves us, heals us, comforts us and inspires us to serve Him–trying to guide us to Heaven. Yet mostly from a lack of correct guidance, we are still desiring to offend God with some of our sins–not seeking to stop ALL of our transgressions against God–and because of that, we are still rejecting God’s sanctifying (saving) grace. As a result of the devil’s deception, bounds of people are so confused as to what the true faith is and are presuming we are saved, when we are lacking true sorrow for our sins causing us to reject God’s saving mercy and loose salvation. Lifting Our Values is here to fill that gap and provide anyone with the means to deliver correct evanglization to the lost sheep.

God desires us to have courage and truly preach in our thoughts, words and deeds the true Word’s of Everlasting Life so we can really love others and help move souls towards the path of Everlasting Bliss. We can’t fail God. He is counting on us. Even if our words and example of living the Gospel isn’t around to inspire each other, we can do more and leave a strong lasting impression–Lifting Our Values products–with countless people so God can continue to soften hearts and enlighten our minds to the truth. Please get involved…God is waiting for your “Yes, Lord! I live to serve You and You alone.”

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Lifting Our Values’ goal is to spread across the globe, but as you know that takes much money. We have only a few generous supporters who keep our life saving ministry afloat. We really need you! Please consider contributing most generously towards the day to day operation of our ministry so we can spread the Gospel that saves across to all of God’s Children.


God needs disciples to save the Souls of His children.

We Need You!

GodWantsYouInHeaven.com is under construction and needs to be edited and parts still built. However, this site is left open to the public so, if God wills you to visit, He can still encourage you to strive to surrender your life to live for His will alone for the salvation of soul.